Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Journey Begins At Home with Skyscanner, the travel wizard! Travel Made Easy & Fun With Skyscanner!

Journey Begins At Home with Skyscanner, the travel wizard! Travel Made Easy & Fun With Skyscanner!

“If life is a journey then let my soul travel and share your pain.”  ― Santosh Kalwar

Bangkok, one of the most beautiful travel destination of Asia is my first choice to witness the beauty of Asia with me and two friends. It is the main gateway through which visitors arrive in Thailand and explore the multi-faceted sights, attractions and city life. Bangkok's royal palaces and temples as well as several museums constitute are the major historical and cultural tourist attractions. Shopping and dining experiences offer a wide range of choices and prices. The city is also famous for its sleepless dynamic nightlife. Bangkok's well-known sights are the Grand Palace and major Buddhist temples. It's pleasure of eyes to watch Thai culture. World's largest teak building Vimanmek Mansion in Dusit Palace is very famous, The Jim Thompson House got traditional Thai architecture. Khao San Road is famous for budget accommodation, shops and bars catering to tourists. Taling Chan Floating Market is among the attractive markets in Bangkok. Also Yaowarat is known for its shops as well as street-side food stalls and restaurants. Khao San Road has long been famous as a backpackers' destination, with its budget accommodation, shops and bars attracting visitors. Let's saddle up with my friends for prebook the entire tour from home with the help of Skyscanner, the travel wizard! This site is easy, useful and convenient to search and book the best deal among millions of flights, hotels, car hire or rent. Skyscanner is my one-stop destination where I can get the lowest deals from best hotels and discounts.

* Bangkok Phi Islands Beach

Bangkok with Pattaya

1) Flight Booking from home:

Skyscanner offers widest range of world's largest flight agencies who not only provide the best services but also attractive deals too. It is easy and convenient to choose the perfect flight to make the journey hassle-free. I can save lots of my bucks from here. I have booked flights for 3 person at very reasonable price with return for Rs. 42978.00 and saved at least 20000.00 as I have compared from the lists.

I can easily compare Flight Rates.

Biman Bangladesh offers extra luggage carry facility.

2) Hotel Booking:

Booking Hotel from Skyscanner is just like booking a Pizza from nearest store. I got my perfect hotel in lowest range because I went there to travel 80% of the time. I just need a hotel for sleep and bath. So, expensive hotel I didn't want. I got Hotel at Rs. 14725 for two rooms for 6 nights at very reasonable price including all taxes and hotel charges.

3) Car Hire.

I hired car for Rs. 12465/- from 13-19 November at very reasonable price comparing with other service providers with either Hyundai i20 or Ford Fiesta and saved at least Rs. 5000/-. 

My Car Hire from Skyscanner.

4) Food:

I have Rs. 18000.00 for Fooding as per my plan and will pay Rs. 1831.00 for some other expenses. The ourney is really a fun and hassle-free when I book everything from website or existing website.

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