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5 Things Zest Up My Life Showing The Right Way!

“Zest is the secret of all beauty. There is no beauty that is attractive without zest.”

     Very well said by Christian Dior, a French fashion designer. My life has been experiencing the ultimate success, goodwill and unstoppable energy to work better every day. All that I can say is ‘Zest’ in life to do something different is a must to succeed whatever we are doing. My zest has driven me to love the job whatever it’s not very famous to all or helps to earn bucks. I get inspired from myself in my work and as I ever love to stay behind the crowd. I have sorted out those 5 things truly zest up my life the most from many.

       1)    My first love Painting is my zest.

Painting means a lot in my life. I love to give life my imaginations on paper or canvas that many may miss who can’t draw. Actually painters have the freedom to experiment even going beyond their imaginations. I witness and experience that when I am holding a pencil or brush. Alike writers a painter can think independently and enjoy the opportunity that money can’t provide. I have such self-satisfaction that empowers my zest which comes from my painting. When a cricketer plays with bat and ball, I play with my brushes and colours to give life my thinking. There is fun to show your creativity that a painter does. My life is awesome because I am a part of creative people who can think and work independently. I get my zest from my works that I have chosen myself because of my self-satisfaction. I can see the world, objects differently and my eyes are always an ultra hd camera because even after one year I can live up on canvas what I have seen. My painting keeps me always positive and a proud people. Awards or appreciations zest up to work better but the self satisfaction works as the achievement of life. I am proud of my work that keeps me charged, my sporty madness with drawing tools and appreciations from people whom I don’t know met ever. A painter can die physically but his work lives forever. Actually I lost myself in painting forgetting what’s happening around the world. Even when I am working as an accountant for my concern, I have learned how to focus on jobs and accomplish it perfectly so that can get appreciations. The mind of perfection woks here as well that I learned from my painting. Only painter’s can feel the feelings of a painter. I have faced many obstacles in my life but my perfection-mind and my self-dependence have rescued from them. Now I am the inspiration of many in my locality who can think and work independently at his job.

           2)    Crossword puzzle to cross the border of my obligation.

My 2nd zest in life is my passion of making and solving crosswords. As a crossword enthusiast I have learned to arrange my life in my way. The daily grid is my second love and plays one of the most important roles in my life. In the first times it was very funny and proud feeling to solve the crosswords early in the morning before grandpa wakes up though he taught me to play with the words. Even before reading the newspaper, I turned on the 3rd page where puzzles made me most puzzled. When I couldn’t solve the entire crosswords, I felt the days very awkward. The crossword has taught me to be calm and quiet till the last words. I have learned to focus on my job from the crosswords. When I am now a successful crossword composer, I find new things in myself. It may be very small thing for many but I know the love how has zest up in my life. I am now very familiar name in almost all the leading newspaper publications due to more than 500 crosswords have published all over India. Now I only compose special crosswords in occasions and many solvers wait for that for the months. The clues I provide those make people puzzled to get the right words. The clues arranged in rhyme shape make it very interesting and hard to reach. Many fans write and mail me that my crosswords they love very much and want that I should continue in mere quantity. Now I only come up on Sundays with weekly crossword section which I compose throughout the week to make it more interesting and can make people satisfied when they really reach out. My crosswords have given me many awards in the competitions and won heart of many that zests up me to be always positive and satisfied at my work. When I was invited in American crossword championship as a jury couple of years ago, I was truly in cloud 9. They have liked my style of clues I arrange in rhyme style and put them in a unique way. My life without painting and crossword is nothing. I get inspired and find the meaning of life from both. It made me to be creative.

            3)    Travelling zests up my life to know the world.

As a travel enthusiast I have I have fulfilled my life. I love exploring the world, nature and new things those I have never seen or heard before. Actually the appetite of travelling forced me to be bachelor and I am happy with my bachelor life because I know that it was impossible to go out without any pre-schedule or plan in married life. I love to see the world where I have never gone, witness the miracles those we read or watch on books and TV. Exploration has driven my life that zests up to do something new. I go out without any notification to family or friends and come back just like a stranger. I enjoy my life meeting with new people, having or drinking their habits, going mingle-up into their lifestyle. It has taught me to be exploring and the mind to witness new things. It doesn’t matter that I have to go abroad to make a good memory of my travel experience. My own country India is enough to explore as I can go desert to mountains, rivers to oceans, snow to blistering hot places. I have smelt the different tastes of different places and don’t want to go abroad. I know I can’t complete visiting all the places in India in my life time those miracle places can beat world heritage travel destinations. I am lucky to have a few trekking enthusiastic friends I accompany with them. The appetite of travelling new places works as my inspiration in life.

                                *** Image source: The Guardian

             4)    Tuition is what I love and part of my life.

I love taking challenges and that helps me to polish my knowledge and learn even being as a private tutor. Due to economic condition I started my part time job since my matriculation as a private tutor which helped me to learn a lot while teaching. Today I really feel fortunate myself that thanks God I got this opportunity to learn with the students. I don’t think I was a teacher but I was coordinator or learning assistant. Because I confess that I have learned many things while teaching (!) from their guardians, students and surrounding. It is different experience who works as private tutor. I feel proud of experiencing and knowing the student’s minds, their likes and dislikes and sometime helping them to achieve their goals. As I repent for that I couldn’t succeed to teach them well but simultaneously I feel proud of few students those made my life successful. Tuition is a big challenge and I enjoyed it. I feel proud of myself as succeeded to help few students to pass out with good marks and very few to top of the classes. It was a big challenge to teach few topper students and read their minds so that they can come up with better results. My life has been fulfilled thinking that I never could top of the class but for exchange of fees few students could succeeded to top. No one can understand the proud feeling that a topper’s teacher feel. I have witnessed it and get the zest of my life for that that. As I have taken fees from rich guardians but also didn’t take a single penny for the economically disabled students. This begets good feelings.

              5)    My love with carom polishes my life.

I know carom is not a sophisticated sport we respect but it will be in my heart forever. Like other sports it has the same sporty spirit I experience every time I play. Actually I don’t like those sports to be played by body with the opponents. As a calm and cool guy I get inspired from snooker or few mind games like carom. Carom is my 1st and last beloved sport I love most. I love cricket but don’t love so much cricket these days. Cricket has lost the luster for me for its excessive display. I have grown up playing carom with my grandpa, dad and neighbors. I really enjoy this angle game because it is played by mind and calculation. So, whenever I get leisure, don’t waste just watching soaps or excessive cricket on TV but playing carom with my friends. I am also lucky for that I can play carom in lunch hour in my office with the colleagues. I learnt the accuracy and calculation in my life from carom. When I strike a dice, it changes the geography of dices just the way I wanted to move them. It’s a mind game, so it provides me mental happiness and satisfaction if it is going right. People love my style of playing that I enjoy and empowers my zest to apply on my life. 

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