Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My Daddy Cool My Role Model.

My Daddy Cool My Role Model.

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#MyRoleModel is my Dad. I love and respect my dad and want to be like him a successful businessman. I have joined my dad's business as my 2nd job few days back and witnessing how tough it is to run a shop without support from relatives or skilled workers. I have seen my Dad spending from morning 9 am to till night 10pm. I completed my graduation with average marks and didn't waste time finding a job I was dreaming. My few friends are still jobless. I thank to my Dad for giving me a responsibility to show my potential. I joined my dad's shop when one day my dad faced serious cardiac attack. I have given rest my Dad and fully concentrating on my business. Now my shop is my temple-mosque-church. I am learning everyday how to impress people to sell a product and how tricky way to maintain book keeping independently. Hundreds of people comes everyday and their demands are different from each others. I need to call with suppliers and customers to deliver products in time. I have learnt all that from my Dad day by day and now reaping the gain and every time I am remembering my dad whose instructions and skills made my inspiration towards my success. I am now planning to open another shop so that I can provide good service and maximum profit for our family future. My few friends are still jobless. I thank to my Dad for giving me a responsibility to show my potential. I only remember my Dad who has been my role model.

My role model is my daddy cool because he is an honest and simple common man. My dad is not an officer or executive but he is the boss of them all. I never felt money crisis because I know our base and try to stay at our own boundary. There is a unpredictable happiness in honesty and simpleness this is what I want till my last breath that I learned from my dad. I learned to stay happy in small demands those give us inner peace. My dad never gets angry and agitated whatever I do mistake or naughty activities. He understands me the best and how to deal with me. Being a father I will ever try to follow his lifestyle and behaviors he transact with people. I am now started to income and support my family. My dad says the good days has come now but I wan to say him that good days was earlier and I will continue at any cost working harder. #MyRoleModel is my Dad for awakening my #InnerSteel

I am today a successful businessman because of my father as without his support I couldn't be able to complete my graduation if my dad wasn’t with me. My father is not a millionaire but she had a dream to make me a millionaire so that his dream can be fulfilled by me. I was not very good student in class till my high school but when he started to take care of me, I have recognise my potentials in me and got the confidence to do something different. My father is a businessman and stays most of the time busy with business still whenever he got the time in touch with me he given his 200% to help me study better. I learned all the small things from my father because my father was my private tutor. He managed time for extra care to me. I grown up in various obstacles due to my health problem but never given my hope up for anything because my father always stood beside me like a friend, philosopher and guide. My father helped me to domain the world in my style. I am grateful to my dad who inspired me to do the different always. I learned to take tough dicisions in time and how to control the obstacles in life. My dad loves to stay calm and cool and I like that attitude and would love to follow this so that I can earn something like my dad. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

My Dad My Role Model!

I am writing about #MyRoleModel as a part of the activity by Gillette India in association 

 #MyRoleModel is my Dad. I am a fine artist and I got inspiration from my Dad since I got my sense. My dad taught me every little to big things of making a picture live. I am happy with my profession of fine art and commercial art and really thankful to my dad for showing me right way to choose my profession with satisfaction. I have learnt how to make unique colours and different shades mixing with two or multiple colours. I learnt how to hold a brush just like my dad taught me how to learn bycycle. Now I am also an art teacher and follow thoroughly my dad's teaching style just like I learnt. I have learnt money in profession is not the motivator but the satisfaction and freedom at work make us happy most at our work whatever we are doing. Today I am an artist because of my dad who shown the way to become a successful professional. I have arranged many exhibitions here and there and got many praise for my artwork. It has given me an opportunity to show my creativity to the world. He used to says how many money you are earning its not important but what are you doing for that our future will remember us that is more important. When I was a kid I tried my art on newly painted walls but my dad never blamed me. He bought expensive colour pallets and set of expensive colour boxes managing money after many sacrifise I know. I wasted colours too much but he never blamed for this. He says whatever you are thinking go for it on canvas, I tried to figure out my imagination on papers he taught me the way. 

I am grateful to my dad who sacrificed his sleepless nights on me to teach me to make an artist. Artists have their own world and they have an other sixth sence to recognize people and their minds just looking at their face. Dad taught me the way to read human face and their thinking. Face of every human being is unique and identically different from others like our finger prints. Dad taught me to figure out the differences to recognize an object from other duplicates. When I try to draw a portrait, what should be remembered is the differentiator. That is important. I think no professional teacher can teach me like my dad. Now I paint on computers or tablets but those basic things of drawing I still follow like golden rules of accounts. My all friends are successful at their professions or jobs but they lack the creativity which gives a man indentity. My dad taught me to go out of the cat-fight competition and to adopt a healthy competition for that one day my reward will sure come. Actually my dad was my ard competitor. My dad used to took me to a river shore to draw landscapes side by side with him. Our whole life is a learning even when I teach children, I should learn from them that my dad used to says. Dad never blamed me where my all friends got govt jobs or good corporate jobs but advised me to love my job till death and I will get reward one day for sure. Now I rule my office with my potential and creativity. My boss is really happy with my work. He used to ask where from I took my tuition and I proudly claim that world’s best teacher is my dad. I have learned preparing natural colours from leaves and orchids. I made colours from red mud and flowers. The natural colours provide an inner satisfaction when I try to do something new. 

I could never be an artist if my dad never taught me the creative job. He taught me making collage and butic painting. I take orders of designing dresses for occasions and programs. I also learned from my dad how to remember the colour codes and use of those colour to live a picture. Whoever else can teach me by hand like my dad? My dad got many prizes and doing cartoons for few small magazines. I also want to work with leading newspapers in Bengal like my dad. I am optimistic one day a golden opportunity will come to go beyone my present world. Here my dad is my inspiration and role model.

Thank you!

Sunday, June 1, 2014


I am writing about #MyRoleModel as a part of the activity 
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Yes, I'd like to proudly share #MyRoleModel is my God my Mother! Actually she is more than my friend, philosopher and guide. I born in a very poor family as my father was sick from several diseases that is why he couldn't able to run our family unless my mother supported totally from nourish to us to earn money working in a local pen factory. She is my role model because whenever I give up my hope she inspires me to stand stood defending all the obstacles. She used to work over duty so that we get better food, education and dresses. My mom cooked our breakfast and lunch getting up very early in the morning so that she can go factory in time. And even coming back from factory she cooked our dinners but never saw her to give up her hope. She worked even till the dead of night. There is no doubt to confess that we two brothers and our one sister all are live and smiling only because of our mother. I haven't seen the God yet but my mom is more than my god! Whatever we are today she is our inspiration, strength and my Role Model!

I got enough inspiration and determination from my mom seeing her working for our family. There is a guardian in every family who only doesn't earn money but also takes the responsibility on his/ her mom is just like that we read in books or watch in the movies. I've learned the value of work and perseverance whatever we do, we shouldn't feel guiltiness for lack of good luck or fortune. We should keep doing our jobs from the bottom of the heart and the perseverance will help us to achieve our goal in life.  Now I work in a company where I've been showing my potentiality and creativity that I learned in my childhood while I grew up seeing my mom designing stitch-works and cartography. I am now an amateur commercial artist and did many artworks that I learned from my mom seeing her stitching Katha's, woolen swals, sitting carpets. We can't realise the meaning of our life and value of affection, love and money if we don't earn it after hardwork. Mom has helped me to realise it in my life. I don't only do my proposed jobs for my employer but also help them from different aspects I even never got training. If we really love our job then we can learn it easily. Being a house-wife the way my mom worked at a pen factory, I learned this reality. She ever taught me to respect elders and cultures. I have been following her words wherever in my office or at society, I get good response from my superiors and they whisper that I grew up in a cultural family. My mom never taught us shortcut in life and  influenced to be honest. Whenever I lost my hope she encouraged me to stand up on my own legs telling work hard a few days and will enjoy in whole life. And that has been proven.

Taking responsibility of family is a big thing that I learned from my mom. She could end up our education and forced to work to support my family but she didn't because she believed that I should get my proper education till I can carry it. We had no electricity till graduation but my mom was the light to shave all the darkness. My mom helped me to buy expensive commerce stream's books and managed telling my private tutor to take minimal tuition fees. Mom managed my private tutor to take extra care which no other guardian of my classmates could manage. Today I can realise the contribution of my mom from my other friends.

Today I can realise why mom was reluctant to eat at nights or some good foods at home. Because she could manage that least of amount which she didn't want to share for herself. I don't want to make my role model like other celebrities or successful personalities because I have grown up seeing my mom trying her best to run her family leaving no stone unturned. She is my Role Model just like every footballer works harder eying on Maradona. I still remember when I was attached by a deadly disease, my Mom did 'Mannat' and fasted for a week only having green-coconut water & sago. When I came out of that, she took me walking 30Km on her lap from Sheoraphuly to Tarakeshwar to break her mannat to lord Shiva. I never can forget this contribution in my life. I know this is a superstition but a good mother can do much more for their offspring going beyond we can imagine. Even I will follow my mom this way if my own children are suffering from that sort of diseases.

Whatever I have learned in my life, sheer amount of them I learned from my Mom. She acted like my friend and shared every small or big things with me. I never could swim unless my mom taught me on her own hand. I had a hydrophobia and some of my superiors advised to learn as soon as possible. My mom brought tube of a car from shop so that I can easily learn swimming.

If someone asks me what I would like to be, I will say a responsible and guardian of my family like my mom.