Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My Daddy Cool My Role Model.

My Daddy Cool My Role Model.

I am writing about #MyRoleModel as a part of the activity by Gillette India in association with

#MyRoleModel is my Dad. I love and respect my dad and want to be like him a successful businessman. I have joined my dad's business as my 2nd job few days back and witnessing how tough it is to run a shop without support from relatives or skilled workers. I have seen my Dad spending from morning 9 am to till night 10pm. I completed my graduation with average marks and didn't waste time finding a job I was dreaming. My few friends are still jobless. I thank to my Dad for giving me a responsibility to show my potential. I joined my dad's shop when one day my dad faced serious cardiac attack. I have given rest my Dad and fully concentrating on my business. Now my shop is my temple-mosque-church. I am learning everyday how to impress people to sell a product and how tricky way to maintain book keeping independently. Hundreds of people comes everyday and their demands are different from each others. I need to call with suppliers and customers to deliver products in time. I have learnt all that from my Dad day by day and now reaping the gain and every time I am remembering my dad whose instructions and skills made my inspiration towards my success. I am now planning to open another shop so that I can provide good service and maximum profit for our family future. My few friends are still jobless. I thank to my Dad for giving me a responsibility to show my potential. I only remember my Dad who has been my role model.

My role model is my daddy cool because he is an honest and simple common man. My dad is not an officer or executive but he is the boss of them all. I never felt money crisis because I know our base and try to stay at our own boundary. There is a unpredictable happiness in honesty and simpleness this is what I want till my last breath that I learned from my dad. I learned to stay happy in small demands those give us inner peace. My dad never gets angry and agitated whatever I do mistake or naughty activities. He understands me the best and how to deal with me. Being a father I will ever try to follow his lifestyle and behaviors he transact with people. I am now started to income and support my family. My dad says the good days has come now but I wan to say him that good days was earlier and I will continue at any cost working harder. #MyRoleModel is my Dad for awakening my #InnerSteel

I am today a successful businessman because of my father as without his support I couldn't be able to complete my graduation if my dad wasn’t with me. My father is not a millionaire but she had a dream to make me a millionaire so that his dream can be fulfilled by me. I was not very good student in class till my high school but when he started to take care of me, I have recognise my potentials in me and got the confidence to do something different. My father is a businessman and stays most of the time busy with business still whenever he got the time in touch with me he given his 200% to help me study better. I learned all the small things from my father because my father was my private tutor. He managed time for extra care to me. I grown up in various obstacles due to my health problem but never given my hope up for anything because my father always stood beside me like a friend, philosopher and guide. My father helped me to domain the world in my style. I am grateful to my dad who inspired me to do the different always. I learned to take tough dicisions in time and how to control the obstacles in life. My dad loves to stay calm and cool and I like that attitude and would love to follow this so that I can earn something like my dad. 

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