Friday, May 30, 2014

My Boss is my Role Model.

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#MyRoleModel is my boss because I think we all have something to learn from my boss Rafiqul Hasan who is now a emerging entrepreneur in my state. It's like a cinema story that he started his business on a cycle and now driving an super luxurious Audi A8! I am lucky to work with him and there is a hidden dream to start a new business like him and one day I want to be successful like him. Hi is my role model because he comes first whenever i need inspiration and example. He really worked hard to establish his business that I am learning everyday. I know only one in a million can be successful like him but when I see him I get inspired and enough courage to take the chance. I have also a family background business that I want to accelerate and my boss is my role model in this regard. I don't want to work as an employee anymore whatever my salary package is because there is a awesome feeling and freedom in our own initiative. He teaches me how to conduct and meet people to fix an order and keep good business relationship with the clients. I still have lots to learn from him.

My boss, my Role Mode already made the deepest impact in my life showing the perseverance and game changing decision to take at the right time when the rod is red. I am working 7 years with him and learning everyday how to improve business prospects & development accordingly even in the economic slowdown. I have learned the way to satisfy customers with maximum satisfactions in minimal value. I see his working till the dead of night to interact with foreign clients and when client’s require support urgently he don’t waste time to depute technical support instantly. I just go surprise seeing him to show positive attitude even in uncomfortable situations. He loves to take risks when need and 90% times those are fruitfull. I have learned how to welcome deligates and impress them to set up a permanent business relations. I have learned business doesn’t grow only by capital or cash flow but also some game changing decisions require as well. He taught to stay focused on job and supporting customers is the top most priority. Now our organization upgrading from SSI to Medium Enterprise under MSME only because of our punctual boss’s touch.

I am learning everyday from my boss.

My boss has got many national & local awards and will get more in future. When I stare at the awards my boss received, I go surprised to see and wish some day if I were able to get one of them that sure would have made my life awesome. His style of work culture has inspired me to set up my own business. He is my role model because I want to be like him one day. He never supported any illegal business activities or unhealthy business completion. He never did breach of any contract whatever its profitable or not.  

I have also discovered another quality of him is he is very kind person. When our office sweeper’s marriage came he took the sole responsibility on his shoulder and paid all the expenses of the marriage. One day I saw when one of our factory worker suffered from brain cancer, my boss took the full responsibility of the family. That is the biggest thing of my Boss which I loved most and really appreciate and admire. Hats off to my boss.

My boss has been teaching us the morality and discipline on work or off work. He regularly donates many NGOs without any thinking. I still remember my boss to help local flood affected villagers with all his working people. He donated 2 Lacs for the last national disaster in Uttarakhand which reflects his another greatness that really inspires me to be like him. My boss is definitely my role model.

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My Mom My Role Model!

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#MyRoleModel My Role Model is my mother. I love my mother more than anyone in the world because she has been playing twin role as my mother and father both because my father is shifted in another state for his profession purpose. My mother goes to market for shopping grocery, makes our food and helped us by tuition at home till we reached class VIII. She still has been playing multiple role whatever we need. I haven't seen any other mother has such talent and potential to control a family by her own. I can feel how tough it is and she never made us feel lack of our father. Even she can not go to our relative's lest we stay starved. My mother is my universe as I can't think anything except her. She stayed till late night with us to help us to complete our assignments and home tasks. She protects us from any problems or obstacles we face everyday. We see our father a month in a year and understand obligations of my father as he works in another state. My mother is world's best mother and my role model because she manages to run our family with full of his efforts and extremely hard work. She wakes up very early in the morning when all my neighbors are sleeping. I can understand how tough it is to go bed at the dead of night and rise that much earlier. She prepares breakfast for me and goes to local market for grocery and vegetables. She dosn't sit for a while. I know shopping in the market under the sun is not a easy task bargaining with vendors and fish sellers. She successfully manages to run a whole family without any man guardian that is why she is my role model. I haven't seen any mother of my friend's circle or classmates who can manage to do all these. When it comes to pay electric bill, standing on the queue for ration collection or fetching water from local tubewell, she never takes rest. We may have read very rare personality like my mom in our books or in newspapers! My mom has been my friend, philosopher and guide. She may be less educated but managing a family is to be learnt from her for any man or woman. I am growing and realising every day the contribution she is keeping on us is truly like a fight / brave story of an Indian woman.

A role model is a personality whom we follow in our life just like my mom whom I follow to take responsibility of our family. She never takes rest and took full responsibility of our family on her shoulder for lack of my dad. She saves us from all kind of obstacles, natural disaster and serves as our family doctor. My mom knows everything in the world as when we get sick, she plays the rold of my doctor and helps to cure as soon as possible. She takes us to tours sometimes and don’t leave any stone unturned to make us amuses and amazed. We really don’t feel lack of our father. My mom plays the role of our guardian when my school needs our guardian for a discussion. My mom helps us to read and write like a teacher and we hear many bravery tales from her afte completion of reading and writing. I haven’t seen any women in the world who can operate and repair electric instruments like my mom. She repairs bulbs, repair old wires like a professional electrictrician. She never fears of those other women does. Her cooking style and recipes are best and appreciated in my area. Neighbours hire my mom when there is a program or something is to cook for special occasion. She has no exception in our area and people respects my mom for that. She runs a self help group with the help of an govt. NGO with collaboration of local BDO. My mom is here alos the boss and more than 20 women works for this SHG to become self dependent and earn momey to support their family. My mom also nourishes couple of hen and ducks for the SHG and really works hard to make this huge success. Just like my mom has born to work and help people. I really adore, respect and follow my mom’s activity and that is why she is my role model.

Monday, May 26, 2014

My Mom is My Role Model!

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#MyRoleModel is my mother. If there is only one person I'd love to be in my life, she must be none other than my mom. Because she hasn't only given birth me but also fulfilling her duty as a father as well. She is my friend, philosopher and of-course my guide. My father is paralyzed on bed and unable to earn our family income. My mother has fulfilled her duty more than any other mothers did being my father. She worked in a hand-loom cotton mill and worked till 10 pm everyday at our local cotton mill. I adore my mother who sacrifised her entire life for our education and food. She is very hardworking at the factory as I have seen whenever I went there for any reason. My father had no income but moreover mother had to earn money to buy medicine and medical expenses. I was also the worker since I was at class eight in that cotton mill and I was the regular worker till I completed my graduation. I joined a new company for the post of AutoCAD draftsman and took the full responsibility of my family. This is my lifestory and I cant find anyone else except my mother who is the God for me and my role model because I stood up on my own feet only for my mother. Everybody may be has their mom but my mom is different from them because my mom played both the roles of my mother as well as father. I couldn't be able to complete my secondary education unless I got my mom. We had no electricity till my graduation but there was my mom who used to enlighten our house. Now I work for a power generation company all that because of her. My a little glimpse of smile today is all because of her. I would also say she is a philanthropist as well because she only didn't care her offspring but also she was same famous in my friendhood. My friends used to gathered at my home on holidays so that they can taste my mom's hand made most delicious Ghugni-Parota. After many years when interact with my friends over telephone, they remind me of Ghugni Parota from different part of the world they are out due to their profession. She also taken care of my friends when they were ill with her herbal hand made medicine. 

I get inspiration and enthusiasm from my Mom everyday when I give up hope whatever I do. I only recite my mom and start a tough job with an extra effort and all the jobs are done. Actually my mom is my role model because she didn't give her hope up and stood up her own legs so that she can ensure our good food, dress and education. I and our family grateful to my mom and really lucky to have an ideal mom like her. She is my role model because I want to work harder like her forgetting all the obligations and obstacles so that one day my family can feel proud of me. I get inspiration to see my mom wakes up early 5 am in the morning and completing all the home works. I also now get up early in the morning so that I also can do something for my family and start cleaning and fetching water from the tube-well. I go to market for grocery and coming at home join the tuition so that I can keep my higher education and practice on where my friends all wake up at 9 am, I complete my 3 important tasks. My mom says, till the death we have to keep working. I am strictly following this oracle from my heart and soul. She also says, never underestimate your job. I have taken her words on my head. I don’t feel hesitated working any jobs. I clean my office furnitures, computer myself where I have a old-maid who is appointed to do this. But when I stare at her, I can’t tolerate her working at this age and I take up the task on my shoulder. She reminds me of my mother. I want to be like my mom who plays many role whatever at home or office. Accomplishing my own job there is a inner peace that I learned from my mom. She is my role model because I get great inspiration and enthusiasm from only my mom whose life and her contribution is an open book. My mom is my role model and I salute her for teaching me the meaning of a working life. 

Thank you Mom for being with me forever! I am grateful to you.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

My Dream Mobile Feature!

My dream feature what I would like to have on my mobile phone is that my phone is capable of running on multi operating systems preferably Apple's iOS, Google's Android , Microsoft's Window's Mango, BlackBerry OS all simultaneously in one phone. I'm not loyal to one OS. I think each platform has its pros and cons, so my ideal OS would be a combination of several systems. I'd want the user interface of Windows Phone; the ease of use and app catalogue of iOS; the customization abilities of Android; and the multitasking capabilities of WebOS. It will be the revolutionary product of the century. I can easily switch from one OS to other pressing one os-changer key. It it become possible then we dont have to bear 4 smrtphones at a time wherever We go. Actually iOS has many attracting features which We cant ignore if having an Android phone. I personally have an Android phone but used to feel lack of iPhone's features.If my dream phone features of having multiple-OS compatibility then I will be the most happy in the world.

Thank You!

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Saturday, May 24, 2014

My Dream Smartphone Will Convert Conversation!

My dream smartphone feature will translate the conversation to the receiver whatever the language is to her default language. He just has to make default the local language  to which he / she will be comfortable to hear and the next call will come converting into local by default language. This dream feature will sure make it the most useful gadget ever. Most of the Indians do ever face this problem on phone. We dont know the local language of the receiver or caller. We Indian can write good english but in term of speaking we are vulnarable fluently. If any manufacturer or OS can provide a "Language Converter" tool for tele-conversation then the world will be more beautiful and a mobile will be the best personal assistant as well as friend, philisopher & guide for everybody sure. I have seen most people in rural area fear to make & receive a call due to the language problem. So its my dream feature what I want on my phone.

Social Networking Made Easiest with our Mobile Phone!

Social Networking is the most hot deal of 21st century from young to old. Almost all celebrities have an account as our all friends too. So we are always open to explore or conversation whenever we like. It removes distance and makes communication better. Its so much important. almost every mobiles are coming into the market offer access of social networking sites and some of them have special dedicated key too to provide easier and quicker access. without it the mobile is like a toyphone by which we can make call and sms.  Its far more convenient to access social networking sits IM mobile phone. Mobile phone is the most useful communicating device and it sometime replace the computer jobs like social networking. I have a FB & Twitter A/c and that’s why I had to go to cybercafe to stay connected or exchange of information with my friends. In this matter if i have a mobile phone which is able to access Facebook or Twitter then it will same my time and money. I am preparing to buy a phone with social networking sites access. I have came to know the new Android smartphones are a Go Green phone and GPRS accessable and very eco friendly because if we do social networking by mobile then it would save the electricity and the environment. I am saving money to buy it. I think social access is very much important in mobile phone for good. 

Why Windows Phone is better than Android.

What gives Windows Phone OS an edge over Android and iOS?

Windows Phone OS has met standards by achieving everything that was expected of it and finally came with far more convenience from Android or iOS. It is armed with 500 new and exciting features, along with an improved social media interface. The Mango is Microsoft's ticket to gaining lost ground in the OS market. One of the most important features is its user friendliness. Using the Mango OS, one can easily navigate from app to app, by simply holding the back key down. The real battleground, although is the apps. While Google has an enriched platform equipped with all the Google goodies - Maps, docs and more, the Mango will have an added advantage with signature Microsoft apps such as QuickOffice. Except PowerPoint presentation we can view and edit documents, worksheet spreadsheet according to our convenience in my mobile. Its different from other OS as I have seen. With IE-9 it becomes much smarter than others as it can provide whole new exploration in the Internet with full content viewing whatever PDF, Doc, XLS or PPT. I think all these must give Win Ph OS an edge over Android and iOS and after collaboration with NOKIA which provides much more better hardware efficiency it becomes the best OS form mobile computing. 

We carry the world in our pocket!

We carry the world in our pocket. GPS is the smartphone feature I like the most.  GPS is a global positioning system which helps us to find directions using my latitude and longitude position on earth map. Positioning helps me to find out my current location, finding my friends through Latitude, the way I should follow to get direction of my destination whatever by car, on foot, by train, by ferry whatever giving me route points and what time it will take. Even I can avoid the road jam through Traffic Report. Positioning also helps me to find out nearby hotels, ATM, Bank, Petrol Pump, Airport, Bus stop, Hospital, shopping mall etc. I used to use GPS on road to get direction to new places to go. GPS helps me to know Weather conditon of present & upcoming days, to share my location through SNS, to Burrp, and TripAdvisor is really very helpful.  It is highly used feature in GPS, smartphones and cars in US and other developed countries where the population is low and you can’t find people to show you the way. We cant lost at all if we have a assisted GPS which works independently without SIM wherever in desert or midst of a sea. It will ever want GPS a must have feature in my smartphone.

NFC to bring revolution in mobile platform!

NFC will work in India?

Yes, I do believe that NFC technology will dominate a lot more in India. It creates a prominent feature of sharing, pairing and playing revolution in the mobile world. Who those doesn’t like to connect his/ her music device with wire, sure would like the NFC. All music systems are to bring NFC capability to add a great feature. We can share internet videos link through NFC. I like Tap & Play (Multiplayer) amongst all features included in NFC (Near Field Communication). We may have many options for transfering data, file or contents by infrared, bluetooth, WiFi, LAN but were could have never able to play by Multiplayer options. Tap & Play through NFC provides the unique feature to play Multiple player sitting aside nevertheless within a short range. I hope NFC will improve sooner to expand large distance. This unique feature was only available online in computer or iPhones. But when I saw this week's Cell Guru I came to know even we can play by multiplayer option. Now I can play with my friends sitting aside by virtue of NFC. Its a great invention. As the cellguru showed two players by their individual phones playing Tennis. Thats really awesome. I hope in future more multiplayer games and apps will come as the all new phones are incorporating this NFC in their smartphones. Recently BlackBerry Bold 9900 and Nokia 700 includes NFC and all upcoming smartphones. Now I am willing to buy a smartphone obviously featuring NFC as must. Just a single Tap and connected with other one to play and enjoy with full satisfaction.  

Thank you!

My journey to Deegha!

I love holidays and specially on the wide and smooth expressways. I stay at West Bengal and definitely will share my last expressway travel from Howrah to Digha. Whenever I get holiday, I don’t forget to go out for long drive with my SUV. I really love long drive as from Howrah to Digha is 200km long and at average time had taken 5 hours.  A long drive for 05 hours from Howrah had taken me to my dream tourist destination Digha which is awesome sea beach in eastern India. The expressway made to give ultimate driving experience towards a holiday travel and make it ever memorable. The road is super smooth and well made. Driving on it it’s a pleasure. Here with  warm up sunshine, gentle breeze, roaring & rolling  high & low waves, green and gentle walkable sandy forests, the beach is one of the most popular hang out beach for the eastern Indian's for the weekend traveler and honeymooners. There are huge arrangement of beach swimming, beach sports and walking through the sandy green 'Jhau' forests. Also the best for bike riding for long drive. This tourist expressway only made to offer ultimate driving and travelling experience. It’s truly awesome for November but when you have a exploring mindset then you can enjoy evey season like me. 

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