Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My Dad World's Best!

I grown up watching my dad to fulfill our wishes, desires and dreams giving more than his duty. He deserves a hug because he is an honest and simple common man just like a philanthropist for my friends as well. My dad is not an officer or executive but he is the boss of them all. I never felt money crisis because I know our base and try to stay at our own boundary. There is a unpredictable happiness in honesty and simpleness this is what I want till my last breath that I learned from my dad. I learned to stay happy in small demands those give us inner peace. My dad never gets angry and agitated whatever I do mistake or naughty activities. He understands me the best and how to deal with me. Being a father I will ever try to follow his lifestyle and behaviors he transact with people. I am now started to income and support my family. My dad says the good days has come now but I wan to say him that good days was earlier and I will continue at any cost working harder.

He is a hero. I love and respect my dad and want to be like him an entrepreneur. I have joined my dad's shop few days back and witnessing how tough it is to run a shop without support from relatives or skilled workers. I have seen my Dad spending from morning 9 am to till night 10pm. I completed my graduation with average marks and didn't waste time finding a job I was dreaming. My few friends are still jobless. I thank to my Dad for giving me a responsibility to show my potential. I joined my dad's shop when one day my dad faced serious cardiac attack. I have given rest my Dad and fully concentrating on my business. Now my shop is my temple-mosque-church. I am learning everyday how to impress people to sell a product and how tricky way to maintain book keeping independently. Hundreds of people comes everyday and their demands are different from each others. I need to call with suppliers and customers to deliver products in time. I have learnt all that from my Dad day by day and now reaping the gain and every time I am remembering my dad whose instructions and skills made my inspiration towards my success. I am now planning to open another shop so that I can provide good service and maximum profit for our family future. My few friends are still jobless. I thank to my Dad for giving me a responsibility to show my potential. He deserves all the respect, honour and a huge hug for making my life beautiful.

“This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.” 

My Dad My World!


My Dad deserves a hug. He is my world and the reason I become a responsible member of my family. I was a very poor student in my class and no good teacher's were able to bring me in line. I failed in class VIII and then my dad took the sole responsibility to not only pass but also good marks next year. This is what an ideal father is different from others. I am very lucky and grateful to have such a role model father in my life that I used to confess in front of thousands. I was very poor in mathematics and history because untill I make out them properly, I cant remember by my heart. Here my dad became my friend, philosopher and guide with more than we expect from anyone in the world. I improved my math soundness and became independent to calculate myself without any help from anyone. I was very happy when I learned the asthmatics, algebra, geometric with proper guideline from my father. And it was not happened in a or two days! After coming back from office my father didn't waste his time on playing cards with his friends. He was totally stick on me until I totally make them out. I even couldn't pass my matriculation but now I am a M.Com post graduate in commerce and most surprisingly I am now calculating and keeping most of my employer's accounts. Now I calculate crores of calculations in a minutes. If anyone deserves the credit then he is none other than my father. His one sentence still in my mind that "Life is whole a calculation". 

Dad is my best friend and we are partner in carom board as well. My dad is a professional football player and coaches my local club since I was child. I am also a footballer and football is my heart and soul all because of my Dad's contribution to guide me just like he wanted in dream. I play for my district now and got many praise being the match winner. My dad trained me working very hard so that I can play for my country one day. I want to fulfill my Dad's dream at any cost. He never retreated whatever I want an expensive merchandise or conveyance charge for camps. He taught me swimming and tricks to run faster on uneven grounds to break through the defense of the oppositions. I have learnt dribbling balls on my shoulder from my dad that helps me to ensure a goal by back volley. He is my coach and my God. My true role model and deserves a hug by which we can exchange love, affection, respect and regard! My Dad is my friend, philosopher and guide! He is the best.

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“This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.”