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Kids Experiencing a Magical Space Adventure with Colgate Storyteller Packs.

My family's all-in-one dental solution brand 'Colgate' comes with a very innovative campaign “Magical Space Adventure” with three different themed packs so that our little kids can cut them in their shape, play, learn and make stories with their imaginations. I'd like to thank Colgate for making useful the packs that we throw away after unpack in the dustbin. After getting all three packs from BlogAddda, I was very excited to show the first magic to my little boy Rishu (Age-4) what's inside! Its designed to help the child’s creativity and keep them engaged in a fun way. I given him all the packs and a blunt-sharp scissors under full of my surveillance to avoid minor injury while cutting the rounds. Sometime I've joined hand to cut it smooth so that the characters look live. It was fun cutting the characters and joining with the stands. It was easy enough as the borders were marked for easy cutting and joining. In fact he was excited to cut them with his creative mind and imagine different magical stories with every Colgate dental cream pack themes. Though the green alien was his most favourite, space rocket is also playing partner keeping it in his pocket wherever he goes.

As a parent, we should keep trying to engage our kids in activities that invoke their creativity which helps them use their imagination and enables them to create their own stories in their world. It motivates them and help to learn while fun and later a sharp mind. I am going to share three best stories he made and found creative genius mind in my child like never before.

Story No-1: Zero Gravity Space Walk.
Space is always an interesting subject we go beyond our curiosity and as far kids are concerned, they are more curious than us. As we have been telling them interesting facts and fairy-tales before they go to bed, they already started making stories with these funny space characters. The cutting of the Sun, red planet Mars, Saturn and its rings, a sparking comet, spaceship, rocket and the zero gravity space walk all in his mind. Rishu with his sister Soumya put on their winter-wears woolen jackets and my bike's helmet so that they look like Astronauts and boarded on the rocket. On their requested I switched off the lights of the room to recreate darkness of space and lit 5-6 candles in different places. And then keeping a big candle in front of the Colgate cuttings theme they started space walk, float and crawling. The room transformed into an universe with their stories. Rishu thrown his leg towards Soumya to catch and pull. Rishu pasted the Sun cutting on the big candle to look exact like the sun. They were acting like the real astronauts as our everyday lives involve such activities as sitting, walking, picking up things from the ground and lying in bed, none of these activities are possible in orbit. The story is they went to space to watch live Mars on which there are thousands of stories, movies made and researches are going on. They found other planets like Saturn with its rings, and the almighty Sun. After an hour they advised me to switch on the light to come back on earth. It was great fun to watch them.

Story No-2, Mystical Alien Planet.
Rishu liked the green alien cut too much as he shown it to everybody of my family. I saw him to play with it even having breakfast. Lets hear the story as he told me. He made a call from my mobile to Rustam (the name of the green alien) to play Holi with them in their planet. The alien Rustam never played Holi before and was very curious how its played. They invited Rishu and his sister Soumya to bring some organic colours as they don't like chemical products. Rishu arranged some water guns, balloons and a toy water-cannon so that he can play better Holi with the aliens. I helped them to bring some organic colours ans thats how they got ready to land in alien planet. After landing on that planet, Rishu played Holi with the aliens accompanied by his sister very well. They really enjoyed as both of them were also looking like aliens after the green and red colours were severely thrown over them. The situation was entirely out of the world. The aliens were enjoyed too much as it was their first ever Holi. They took several selfies with Rishu and Soumya and shared on their social networking sites. Also confirmed that they will celebrate Holie every year from the next year. They even painted spacecrafts in a new organic colours. They named it "Holien". 

Story No-3, Space Launch.
Adventure never goes off when it comes for space launches. Today's generation is far advanced than we were two decades ago. Rishu cut the rocket with lots of imagination and curiosity and kept it with him in his school-bag. Rishu & Soumya put on their rain-coats, shoes, my and my wife's helmets to launch for space. Rishu chose the rocket and spaceship by Soumya. They both sounded grrrr like the rocket launching sound. Rishu's scrapbook is full of aliens and space launchers. His another hobby is collecting rocket toys and his drawing rocket cuttings all shows his creativity. Soumya's love for spaceship surprised me. They both went to space to capture selfie with the Moon and other comets. They launched the Colgate rocket and returned back with the selfies. With the help of two LED lights under the rocket and spaceship and a torch they relived the whole space launch. It surprised me with their creative mind. This is how they experienced rocket launch.

   Rish us busy cutting and getting ready for the Space Adventure.

Watch the TVC of magical stories.

I’m blogging my #ColgateMagicalstories at Blogadda in association with Colgate.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

A luxurious staying Makes My Trip a memory for lifetime.


It was a memorable journey and reclining stay in Lucknow as I was interested to witness the historical city of Uttar Pradesh which was once the city of Nawabs, Mughals and British rulers. The city is popularly known for its culture, music, design and poetry for generations. A perfect combination of multicultural exhibition and artistic hub of India republic. I got approval of 10 days leave from my boss and the opportunity comes all of a sudden. I just sent a SMS to my friend Bimalendu 'Lets explore Lucknow' this week and he didn't waste his time to reply 'Lets go!'. I don't know whether he was ready or not but in fact he doesn't deny me when its time to travel to an unexplored destination.

             -: Renaissance Lucknow Hotel :-

I always prefer to book in India's No 1 trusted travel site which offers jaw-dropping deals and discounts in hotels, flights, buses, trains and rightstays since 2000. This time we planned it advance booking to avoid any sort of uncertainty while booking my favourite hotels and flights. I chose 'Renaissance Lucknow Hotel' near Gomti Nagar from where I can reach at Bara Imambara, British Residency and Jama Masjid quickly. Located in the heart of Lucknow, this luxury hotel is my top pick due to its Marriott connection. I found this hotel is rated 5 out of 5 from MakeMyTrip user's review due to it's luxurious rooms including all the services and amenities they are offering. This 14 floors hotel is having enough space of on-site and valet parking, high speed internet facility WiFi, meeting place, luxurious bedding down comforters, custom duvets, cotton-rich linens all will feel of ultimate satisfaction to relax at its best.

I got an excellent room with all the luxurious facilities available that reduces the stress of long journey from Kolkata to Lucknow via early morning flight. The hotel is 17KM away from Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport at Lucknow. The room was extremely luxurious well decorated and sophisticated designed to get charged from all day's journey within few minutes. The hotel offered nice air conditioned room with complimentary bottled water, tea services, mobile and laptop charging facilities, iron and ironing board, luxurious bedding of down comforters, custom duvets, cotton-rich linens. I was using mini fridge to store cold drinks and snacks bought from outside. I am extremely satisfied with behaviors of the staffs. Rooms are very nice with remote window blinds very clean and nice ambiance. I think it is justified with the name of the hotel 'Renaissance' in term of luxurious staying for anyone comes from any part of the world. I'd say its one of the best hotel in Lucknow which I noticed in few day's short staying. Everything in this hotel offers is full of comfort. I'd recommend everyone this hotel for its lovely location, friendly and obedient staffs. The food is better than many restaurants in Lucknow. This is the city of Nawabs, Mughals that's why I was expecting such a royal luxury staying in a luxury hotel. And it happens when I chose this hotel which has everything to claim its the best among the rest.

It is the tallest hotel in Lucknow and one of the lovely venture of Marriott group of hotels. There is a infinity pool ver the hotel's rooftop to provide enough comfort when deep yourself into blue water. I loved the pool. The best place to hang out and indulge yourself in relaxable staying. I ordered my favourite lunch and dinner as the catering staffs  customized my ideal menu according to my requirement. That's the best part. Its 112 rooms that include executive, deluxe and suites. Airport shuttle service is available on request. That's appreciated. For that we need to contact the property in advance to make necessary arrangements. I really enjoyed outdoor pool and 24-hour health club. A poolside bar, a coffee shop/cafĂ©, and a rooftop terrace onsite have engaged us to relax while in the hotel. The room we were offered feature comforts like premium bedding and down comforters, while conveniences include sitting areas and coffee makers. Enjoyed movie before going to bed as a large LED TV with cable channels kept us busy.

I had a genuine five-star experience here in this hotel with on-site valet parking, luxurious rooms, rooftop pool, sitting places, lovely location, rooftop sitting, free Wi-Fi and very comfortable atmosphere indeed. The hotel offers easy access to the city's must-see destination and travel assistance to visit local attractions like Bhool Bhulaiyaa (8KM), Jama Masjid (10KM) Dilkusha Kothi (5KM) and the Lucknow Zoological Garden (5KM), British Residency,  Hazratganj, Constantia House, Dr. Ambedkar Park, Lucknow Museum, Rumi Darwaza, Chattar Manzil, Begum Hazrat Mahal Park etc.

I enjoyed my routine work-out to its well furnished fitness center which includes a full gym setup to offer us relax after hours of meeting or while returned exploring the city. I love this fitness add-on to give the hotel another dimension towards 5 star quality staying indeed. All the rooms are air-conditioned, having television, telephone, minibar, tea/coffee maker and attached bathrooms. The hotel also offers banquet halls and a luxurious decorated lawn to a memorable host private events. I will suggest my friends for its quality accommodation and great service. The hotel provides accessibility to important town facilities.

 I am fully satisfied and happy with my choice and looking forward to visit again with my family soon. I have spent 5 days with my bosom friend so that we can explore each and every corner of the city Lucknow. It was a wonderful experience as spent some quality time either in hotel or while visiting historical places. The rooms portray luxurious decorations, neat and clean surrounding, hygienic washrooms, sophisticated lawn, enough open space to breathe in relax. The best I liked most is its rooftop infinity pool that will never let you down from spending good time with your company to a cocktail. Mini fridges in every rooms will let you enjoy your personal dishes anytime brought from outside. It offers delicious meals as per five star quality standard. I almost tasted the favourite dishes of Lucknow i.e. Kebab Parantha, Mutton Biryani, Handi Chicken, Gulabi Chai, Lucknawi Chaat, Kulfi Falooda from the hotel room by just making a call to reception. The room service personnel, reception, planning team, catering staffs are very friendly and they offer customized ideal menu so that we can feel the dishes quite homely feeling. It was really one of the best staying experience I have ever had. I'd like to thank MakeMyTrip for helping me to get the best five star hotel experience.

Salient features to choose this hotel:
  • Airport Shuttle (surcharge)
  • Free public parking is available.
  • Designated Smoking Area and Non-smoking Rooms
  • Soundproof Rooms
  • Elevator facility
  • Honeymoon Suites
  • Dedicated Room Service
  • Newspapers, Free WiFi is available.
  • Fax/Photocopying, Meeting/Banquet Facilities
  • Outdoor Rooftop Pool, Spa, Hot Tub/Jacuzzi
  • Cleaning Services like Shoeshine, Ironing, Dry Cleaning, Laundry
  • Locker facility, private check-in/check-out, concierge Service, currency exchange, enough baggage storage.
  • Food & Drink are sophisticated. Breakfast in the Room, Luxurious Dining Menu, Buffet-Style Restaurant, Bar facility.
My Rating: 5/5

 Photo courtesy: Renaissance Lucknow Hotel

I am blogging about my luxury stay experience for an activity at BlogAdda in association with MakeMyTrip 

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A Shortcut Safaari and a Reminder Why We Should Protect Our Nature Now!

 It was better we were apes / no exploitation, no mother nature rapes.

Our protector our mother nature is in great danger today and being the children of her, we human are responsible among all species due to our senseless activities. Among all species human can predict the future and human itself is sole responsible to destroy our arranged and beautiful nature.

I’m blogging about how I’ll remind kids to press Ctrl+S for nature for the Shortcut Safaari weekend activity at BlogAdda.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Share The Load with Ariel.

It's time to change our thinking and old habits. With the change of time we have become dependent and accustomed doing our jobs. It was never so easy or handsome job cleaning our toilets and latrines our own. But we now clean those happily as some revolutionary cleaning stuffs do it without too much efforts. That's how we can accomplish our other jobs too with less efforts than conventional habits. Laundry is fun when we can finish it with the same time we take to play Candy Crush or Temple Run. We can clean entire week's of clothes in less than a Hollywood movie or a daily soap opera. The benefit is it's a better substitute of exercise we spend at gym. I have taken the pledge to do my jobs as much as possible.When a woman can work in office and run her family simultaneously then why we dads or husbands can't share their loads with us and help both to make a happy family. We need to take the initiative right now because its never too late as our next generations will follow the same and forward to the next of them.

Women of today successfully adapted their habits, their world went beyond their rooms and all the time we have seen they are equally successful alike a man can do. Arundhati Bhattacharya of SBI, Chanda Kochhar of ICICI Bank, Vinita Bali of Britannia, PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi all are the top super women sharing the top business posts successfully. Now we should join hand with our mothers, sisters, wives to share the loads of our family thats how we can make our world a better place to live. While watching a movie or a cricket match, we can do some jobs. If we can't do cooking, cleaning, feeding kids well but we can do a job that may be a man can do better which is laundry. Because laundry needs a bit more physical labour that a woman isn't accustomed with. Here we can help them and start a new habit of co-operation.

With the new advanced Ariel which is designed to remove tough stains and prevent our coloured clothes from fading. We get impeccable cleaning and care with Ariel's colour protection technology. We can clean our cloths manually by hand to get surprising result with the equal effort we spend time running on treadmills. I must say if I can clean my family daily clothes everyday then we wouldn't be required to run on treadmill or some site-up at gyms. Ariel detergent is designed to work in washing machines and for hand-wash whatever we want.

lets take a pledge that we will do my job ourselves and the initiative starts from taking entire responsibility of laundry.

I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.

Share the Load Initiative

A happy family is where we all family members live together with full of cooperation and understanding. We all have our clothes and those are required to clean regularly. When we can brush our teeth, clean our hair and shave our beard and mustache ourselves, then why we don't ever try laundry at home? We need to break the myth that the job of laundry is a woman’s job. With the growth of technology and inventions over the times, we are getting today much advanced detergent powders, soaps and liquids along with a powerful washing machine which does laundry itself with drying and ironing facilities as per specifications. The time has changed. Laundry is an easy and self-maintaining job now with these easy laundry tools. So, why should we leave it for others?

That's enough. Lets change the wheel of our lives. We can divide our jobs as an woman can cook well, we may soon be expert in laundry. Also we can surprise them using Ariel Matic Complete+ which requires less effort but offers bets result. I have started the initiative with my own clothes and I am sure with in few months I will be able to clean clothes of my entire family members. I am optimistic my ancestors will follow the same seeing I am helping my Mom and my wife. He will also pass on the habit to him next generation. I am enjoying my laundry and when I do it I can feel that how did they do it.

From now onward I recommend this to my friends, neighbors and colleagues to take the same initiative to change the story. Ariel Matic is my first choice when it comes to laundry to the next level. I'd like to thank Ariel and BlogAdda team for bringing up such a revolutionary step which will later save many many families from divorce and bring out more time to watch movie together. Because sharing loads will equally minimise the entire work load from one person to many. I believe this initiative will be very much effective in the long run.

I confess that I'm gonna stay a carefree life with the help of this product forever because I have taken laundry on my own shoulder and Ariel does its job half. No matter where my wife going for a week or a month. My family was using some other products but I was not happy with the results. Thanks to BlogAdda as I got the best as its a very strong and powerful detergent. I find it the best detergent I and my family had ever used. I always love wearing bright and vibrant colorful outfits but it is not easy to maintain or keep them that sort of. I used to wear white shirt at my office but it was my headache to keep it clean and stainless. Now I can clean them in no time whenever I want. I used to see the collar goes yellow after two days. It is a headache to put on a new dress on every next day. Now I have Ariel with just a spoon I'm away with those ugly spots. One can get away from any kind of spots with this.

I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Five Things To Must Follow For The Best Baby Skin Care. #SoftestForBabySkin

Fun Unisex Baby Names

Newborn baby skin is so sensitive that it can't adjust with the surrounding we live in. We need to take care of them with proper knowledge and guide. It has been seen that rashes are common during baby's first month due to lack of their comfortable dresses, weather, handling, toys, care and atmosphere. I think every baby needs care, love, sleep and play and that's why we should get info and learn how to keep our baby's skin smooth and healthy. A new born baby comes from a different world and needs to take some time of care to adjust with the completely new surrounding before it adapts the nature. We need to take care of the following 5 things for their best care.

1) Disposable Diapers: A premium care of disposable diaper like 'Pampers', is the topmost priority for their comfortness. It is hygienically important to take precaution because babies can't express their feelings, odds. It is not always 24x7 possible to keep eyes on them. So, we should to choose a proper hygienic and safe diaper that can take care of our babies. It offers unique Soft-grip Texture for a refreshing clean, wipes are hypoallergenic and have a refreshing scent. Reusable clothes can also lead to more frequent diaper rash where disposable has better absorbency, that keeps our baby's skin drier and less prone to irritation. Disposable diapers has absorbent gels, that can handle large amounts of fluid without becoming saturated, so that we can leave our baby in one longer without causing him as much discomfort. It draws liquid away from a child's skin, deep into the gel-containing layer of the diaper. This keeps our baby's skin drier longer and minimizes contact with urine and even some stool. It also offers breathable material that allows for air flow to the baby's skin.

2) Pure Cotton Fabrics: Our newly born baby's skins are too soft and sensitive to adapt. So we have to offer them nature's pure 100% cotton that can take care like no others. We should choose soft and airy fabrics so that air can pass through their bodies and surrounding. It should not be too much tight that causes rash, chemically colourful that harms their soft skin. After bath we need to make skin dry using cotton soft towels otherwise rashes can come due to longer wet skin. Pure cotton allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and our baby happy. 

3) Changing Weather: Due to pollution and frequent changing weather our baby's skin can be affected and damaged. We should cover them with the seasonal fabrics so that they can adapt with the weather accordingly. Changing weather plays an important role for baby care. We have to protect some serious sensitive areas like nose, eyes, chest, head from cold or scorching hot weather. We need to assure mosquito-free environment that causes rashes, serious dengue and some other bearer diseases.

4) Massage: Before and after a nice bath everybody suggests a relaxing massage with natural oil to bring happiness in baby skin that protects and its caring benefits their skin needs for a healthy development. Also to prevent skin from drying out, a good gentle and mild oil made from organic products helps soothe, soften and re-condition skin of our babies. For the sensitive skins like suffering from broken skin, eczema, rash etc should avoid using vegetable oils due to presence of fatty acid. We should use massage oil specially designed for babies from a reputed brand. A proper massage moisturizes our baby's entire body and face using moisturizing cream and body lotion after every bath that has no exception to help our baby skin softer and glowing.

5) Mother's Milk and then Baby-friendly Organic Food: We need to stick to the myth that mother's milk is 1000% best than any baby food till 1-6 months. We should pick up a nutritional supplement made from organic ingredients with minimal processing so that baby's health and skin can get enough food to smile and glow. It should supply daily requirement of fiber, free from toxic pesticides, fertilizers and other chemical residues. Proper supply of vitamin, protein and minerals are sure to help in softer and healthy skin of our baby.



 New Pampers Pants - Softest Ever | Real Moms, Real Stories

Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy. 

5 things to pamper our baby to feel comfortable. #SoftestForBabySkin


Every parents want their babies to be happiest, safest, and healthiest. A new born baby is sure lights up our home, family and society. But we need to know the best way to accommodate our new born is the key to a happy transition. We don't want our baby to pull up a bulky beanbag, nosh on nachos with us entire night. We will need to put some hardwork into our child's feeding and sleeping routines. Our babies flourish on schedules. Even when we are traveling, we need to do our best to maintain the regular routine and schedule to keep our juniors in the best mood possible. I suggest following FIVE things for the best baby care for their soft and healthy skin.

1) Diaper Rash: We need to choose a quality product of diaper to get rid of rash due to adjustment with the environment. Where disposable diapers are easy to wear & change, light and dry with magic gel, avoids wetness, diaper rashes & promotes hygiene, comfortable pant style, that allows baby to move freely, causes no restriction of movements, uses soft elastic for perfect fit and promote sound sleep for the baby. It helps clean away bacteria. In this time fed bumps on our baby's bottom may mean diaper rash. It causes by many factors, including leaving urine or bowel movement on the skin.

2) Moisturizer Lotion: We should pickup the best moisturizer consulting with doctor for softer Baby Skin without experimenting at our will. Friends may advice to avoid but we should not let our baby's skin get dry. A quality International brand always helps us in this regard. Also when we can't afford it we can use mineral moisturizer or baby oil to result softer and glowing skin of our baby. During early days of coming winter, it is very much essential to adopt a prescribed baby oil to avoid dryness and cracks in softer skin.

3) Massage: Massage is the best to keep our baby's skin healthy and soft from in or out. Twice a day massage enhances the blood circulation for muscles development and good skin tone. We need to pick up a doctor's prescribed massage oil not being over confident that also can help our baby grow faster. This will not only strengthen baby’s body and soften its skin but will also strengthen your bond with new-born child. 

4) Gentle Bath: Our baby needs a gentle bath every other day or so to keep the skin clean and hygienic. Baby skins are too much sensitive. So, we need to skip the soap, and use a gentle made for baby cleanser to protect baby's sensitive skin. Regular bath and keeping it dry after bath can bring glow into skin. We also need to take care of semi warm water for this so that our baby can feel relax and comfortable.

5) Dry Bottom:
Most babies have the same problem from diaper rash in their lifetime. It can be caused by a new food, wet diaper or side-effect from medicines. Basically the red, chapped skin is painful to baby and and their parents as well. A dry bottom is the solution here. We have to make sure our child is completely dry after a diaper change or after bath. Changing disposable diapers more frequently and use eco-friendly hygienic products to soothe and calm the baby skin

New Pampers Pants - Softest Ever. Real Moms, Real 

Stories video here:-

Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy. 

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Paint As You Dream, Like & Express Yourself with #PaintFinder

                                                 My Mobile Painting

My home is my heaven where I feel happy, safe and secure like no other places. It’s my most familiar world where I love to breathe, sleep, stay awake sleepless nights, celebrate our beautiful moments. I come back first at home when I feel unsafe rest of the world. My home is my dreamland. It’s my identity to the world just the way I will arrange and decorate my home. My decor expresses my choice, my taste and my character. Home is the one place in this entire world where my heart feels joy and happiness.  It is the place where I laugh louder as nobody to stop me, cry in scream to forget our sorrow. Even when it's scorching heat or cold out there, we feel comfortable only at our home without putting on summer/winter-wear. Home is the place where expressions of tenderness flush out without any sensation of awkwardness and without any dread of ridicule. Home decor appliances play the very important role for interior decoration which makes our home a temple of our soul. The place where we want to lost ourselves. It’s all in our hand to turn a house into a home for full of our mental satisfaction and identity. 

After reading thoroughly the above mentioned article I've realised that the different shade of colours reflect our personalities. I am touched reading 'Understanding how colour influences your lifestyle and mood will help with making appropriate choices' as it beautifully describes 'Why colour is an important design tool' and '4 ways colours reflect our personalities'. Home decor and colours of the walls make it different to give your home an identity. Different colours taste different look n feel and different personal style statement. Colours are important in our life as those pours colour in our black and white life. But it's not easy to choose and get the 'picture perfect' colour at all.

Here comes to solve this problem. It presents different home decor ideas, experts reviews, exterior and interior designers with a wide range of home furnishing products to shop with free shipping from all the leading paint manufacturers like Asian Paints, Berger, Nerolac, Dulux etc. Now planning to entire makeover of our dream home at our nail's end in one stop solution. offers a wide range of services, reviews, knowledge, ideas, inspiration and products to fulfill our home-requirements at various stages either we are planning for our dream home or a new ultra modern office. Our search ends here finding ideas to revamp our living or bedroom in a budget. Also do-it-yourself tips to enhance our creativity and add value to our home, access to expert advice and guidance to design our dream home from scratch. We can give it a signature our personal space by unique themes, styles. Here under one roof we can make over our personal style, beautiful linens, furniture and decor items that are imported from around the world or India to give my own home or rooms a unique signature.

This site offers from beginning to the end ideas, expert suggestion from home building and improvement. Interior designers are to help us design kid's room or a spiritual heaven. Choosing the  furniture, linen and decor all under one roof.

Here at we can get different themes:


I personally loved the Vivid Pink theme which offers me more vivid and vibrant colourful world.

We can select Paint Types to fit our pocket and budget:
1) Luxury
2) Premium
3) Economy

Whether we are planning for a Luxury or Premium or an Economic range, it automatically chooses the range when we select one of them to fit the best. It offers value for money as well as quality for money products.  It's now much easier to find exactly what we need as their customer service always there to help 24x7. It also offers free delivery straight to our homes. That's really a breakthrough initiative.

We can compare products here from criteria so that we can transparently understand the differences.  

Getting advice or finding a local professionals all here at's one stop solution. offers A to Z solution of paints according to our need saving time, money and headache.

1) Personality: We all have our different choice of colours as per our different language, religion and taste. Colours reflect our likes, dislikes, mind, nature, behaviour and many more things. We choose our home wall colours listening to our heart that will show my personal likes, my artistic knowledge, my creative mind and so on. I'd say colour of the walls reflect the colours of our mind.

2) Mood Altering:  We don't only stay at our home, we make it our personal identity. We frequently change colours of the walls because we want to change our moods with it accordingly. Just like we wear different colour of shirts with the occasion, we change it for refreshment from boredom. It doesn't only change the outer scenario also changes our mind, mood and lifestyle. From that we want to change our life.

3) Changing Perceptions:  Wall colour is the mirror of our mind. There can be different view for each of us but we finally come to a final decision to choose the right colour. I don't know it's superstition or not but it really changes the whole scenario. I've experienced such in my personal life too. Decor colours change our perceptions. Different shades express different perceptions to the world. It offers a refreshment in our bored lifestyle.

4) Unifying Element: Colour defines our character that's why we may have different favourite colours. As red defines energy, action, desire, passion, white defines peace, innocence, purity, unity, green defines growth, hope all that every colour code conveys it's own message. It's the colour which is responsible for making the world so beautiful. As London is called the white city, Jaipur the pink city, Jodhpur the blue city....we want to unify our world from our home. Without colour means it's a colourless life.

Changing colour whatever it's our shirt or home wall it definately changes our world. Home decor or furniture includes as the most important part in our life. It has it's magic that we all have to agree to change the old scenario to the next level. We should change the colours of our interior designs including furniture and fixtures to change our mind. Now it's trend of different shades on different walls that really making our houses or rooms more attractive and energetic. I have got very useful ideas and tips on colour psychology for different elements to redefine it like never before.

                                    (C) Joydeb Debnath

                                                           THANK YOU!

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