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Journey Begins At Home with Skyscanner, the travel wizard! Travel Made Easy & Fun With Skyscanner!

Journey Begins At Home with Skyscanner, the travel wizard! Travel Made Easy & Fun With Skyscanner!

“If life is a journey then let my soul travel and share your pain.”  ― Santosh Kalwar

Bangkok, one of the most beautiful travel destination of Asia is my first choice to witness the beauty of Asia with me and two friends. It is the main gateway through which visitors arrive in Thailand and explore the multi-faceted sights, attractions and city life. Bangkok's royal palaces and temples as well as several museums constitute are the major historical and cultural tourist attractions. Shopping and dining experiences offer a wide range of choices and prices. The city is also famous for its sleepless dynamic nightlife. Bangkok's well-known sights are the Grand Palace and major Buddhist temples. It's pleasure of eyes to watch Thai culture. World's largest teak building Vimanmek Mansion in Dusit Palace is very famous, The Jim Thompson House got traditional Thai architecture. Khao San Road is famous for budget accommodation, shops and bars catering to tourists. Taling Chan Floating Market is among the attractive markets in Bangkok. Also Yaowarat is known for its shops as well as street-side food stalls and restaurants. Khao San Road has long been famous as a backpackers' destination, with its budget accommodation, shops and bars attracting visitors. Let's saddle up with my friends for prebook the entire tour from home with the help of Skyscanner, the travel wizard! This site is easy, useful and convenient to search and book the best deal among millions of flights, hotels, car hire or rent. Skyscanner is my one-stop destination where I can get the lowest deals from best hotels and discounts.

* Bangkok Phi Islands Beach

Bangkok with Pattaya

1) Flight Booking from home:

Skyscanner offers widest range of world's largest flight agencies who not only provide the best services but also attractive deals too. It is easy and convenient to choose the perfect flight to make the journey hassle-free. I can save lots of my bucks from here. I have booked flights for 3 person at very reasonable price with return for Rs. 42978.00 and saved at least 20000.00 as I have compared from the lists.

I can easily compare Flight Rates.

Biman Bangladesh offers extra luggage carry facility.

2) Hotel Booking:

Booking Hotel from Skyscanner is just like booking a Pizza from nearest store. I got my perfect hotel in lowest range because I went there to travel 80% of the time. I just need a hotel for sleep and bath. So, expensive hotel I didn't want. I got Hotel at Rs. 14725 for two rooms for 6 nights at very reasonable price including all taxes and hotel charges.

3) Car Hire.

I hired car for Rs. 12465/- from 13-19 November at very reasonable price comparing with other service providers with either Hyundai i20 or Ford Fiesta and saved at least Rs. 5000/-. 

My Car Hire from Skyscanner.

4) Food:

I have Rs. 18000.00 for Fooding as per my plan and will pay Rs. 1831.00 for some other expenses. The ourney is really a fun and hassle-free when I book everything from website or existing website.

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Skyscanner - The Perfect Travel Wizard For Hassle-free Journey, Booking & Save Money!

“Travel brings power and love back into your life.” ― Rumi

Skyscanner came like my travel wizard to browse and book flights, hotels and cars via price and location with comparison from different travel agencies so that I can experience hassle-free travel and save money to make a memorable travel experience!

HONG KONG comes first when I extend my eyes for the best way to spend few 5 days in my next honeymoon abroad because it is the best city in the world to live and everything goes there systematically that you must look for with wife for the 1st honeymoon. Indian travellers don’t need a visa for a period of up to fourteen days. That's a very useful info I got to know from 'Skyscanner's site. The city that’s always buzzing, a traveller’s delight! Here I can get very reasonable hotels, restaurants, awesome beaches, museums and days out in Hong Kong Island and Kowloon.  I love the city because it is a very compact city which managed to maintain its beautiful natural heritage, create an unmatched properly planned and maintained city infrastructure and very romantic atmosphere! The advanced communication system, peaceful movements and shopping-friendly super markets made the city one of the most attractive destinations for every travel enthusiasts. It is called the Alpha city, also leading international financial centre. Hong Kong has a major capitalist service economy for low taxation, free trade and the currency. Sky rise denser constructions with modern architecture made it the world's most vertical city.  The highly developed transportation network with the public transport travelling, the city is a full package of tour with no chance of boring. All over the city thousands of surprises! The city never sleeps as no one can complete exploring by minimal one month.  The city runs very systematically and completely climate controlled. The average 22 degree temperature keeps cool enough to enjoy hot pot dinners even during summers. Within on lakh rupees in hand it is enough to fully taste & explore Hong Kong for my upcoming honeymoon when I have Sky. Okay, lets plan it from 13th Nov - 18th Nov, 2014 with the help of Skycanner, the travel wizard! We want to visit Victoria’s Peak, take a walk on Tsim Sha Tsui East promenade for fabulous views of the skyline and visit a night market as beautifully blowing below.

Lets start the magic of wizard called Skyscanner the way I complete my 5 days honeymoon travel to Hong Kong in the best way I may have never been known. I have planned exploring Skyscanner to get the best flight, hotel, car deals.

1) Flight:

I have booked Two tickets from Kolkata to Hong Kong Internation Airport with Return fare for Rs. 51564.00 (Including all Taxes and Insurance). It was very easy to grab flights deals with the help of very user friendly search engine without any extra cost. It compares millions of flights across hundreds of airlines quickly and easy to find cheap flights. looking for the cheapest flights for your summer holiday, or last minute flights for a spontaneous getaway. I specially liked the comprehensive flight checker includes high end flag carriers. I have compared with other flights and chose the lowest one easily. I liked the comparison.

*** Also we can book passengers flights for any time any where for last minute flights for a spontaneous getaway from Skyscanner's Android Apps. (Link given below)

2) Hotel:

Skyscanner hotels is fast, free and easy. It is very easy to search Hotels, Apartments and Hostels from Skyscanner which helps to find the best deals for Free! The best part it doesn't take any commission as I have specified above screenshot. I can sort Hotel by Popularity, Price, Distance to centre, Name, Rating, Stars so that I can customise my search as I have found my best hotel saving Rs. 7766.00 for Rs. 15310 all including Service Tax + Hotel Tax! I have saved Rs. 7766.00 which will sure make a sweet save for my 1st honeymoon.

3) Car:

It's so simple to search and reserve a rental car with Skyscanner. I have booked a luxury car Ford Focus for 4 days for just Rs. 17837.00. It means the travel is totally pre-panned just like a cinema. I can select car classes i.e. Compact, Intermediate, Premium to match my requirement and make the travel totally awesome. There are widest range of cars available to match the perfect tour. Even I could select the driver's age here. I am totally impressed.

5) I have still more than Rs. 15000.00 in hand for breakfast, lunch and dinner when I am travelling in car I am visiting places. I have planned lower class restaurants and street foods so that we can taste the culture of Hong Kong and witness the inner beauty of it. Also I can buy a little 'Laughing Buddha' as the memorandum of the historic honeymoon travel! Everything went according to my budget and best experience with only help of Skyscanner! 

Need to buy flight tickets on the go? With Skyscanner app we can search for and book flights instantly from our smartphone. Download the Skyscanner App on your Android smartphone to search & grab the deals on the go: -

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World Is Beautiful Because Of Black Things!

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“It isn't a matter of black is beautiful as much as it is white is not all that's beautiful. ”  ― Bill Cosby

         Black is beautiful and the sign of durability. Black is the colour of magic that is why I love ‘Black Magic’ which lets us entertained as a viewer and a profession of art for a magicians. I love black more than any colours because it is different and makes other brighter. There are many things black I want in my life to make my life beautiful like black.

1) World’s most beautiful mobile iPhone 5S / iPad (Black).

I dream to have an black iPhone 5S and an iPad which will make my life awesome! As a gadget enthusiast and fan of Apple, every time I desire if I had a black iPhone or iPad from that I could do everything that no other phones dare to do. This black iPhone /iPad looks gorgeous and more precious and useful gadget than any other ornaments. The black iPhone doesn’t get dirty at all, looks always beautiful on any dresses or outfit. I find that the black iPhone’s display is more better and it just looks better than the white one and the white one gets more dirty than the black one. The back of the black iPhone 5S has a black coating which illuminates. The bright black aluminum really shines through when the black coating is scratched or scuffed. As per user experience of many, black iPhone 5S is much more attractive, durable and dirt-free non-maintenance gadget than the white one. This is the reason balck iPhone 5S is my desire. I am totally obsessed with black iPhone or iPad as a huge fan of legendary Steve Jobs. His revolutionary products made the threshold of many innovations. Now we can get any kind of App which can solve our life within a minute. Apple iPhone opens the new way in the App world to solve our problems in minute. We can now keep out our home from mosquitoes by a simple Mosquito defender app from Apple iStore, 3D maps to reach our destinations or detect our current locations, watch TV on the go, send message /picture/video in seconds all made our life easy and comfortable!

2) Black Jaguar Sedan.

As a mobiles and car enthusiast, I desire to own a black Jaguar car which arguably the most beautiful car maker of past and today. I am a fan of Jaguar and when Jaguar’s natural colour is black, I love the black Jaguar cars. Jaguar has created more incredibly beautiful car designs than anyone on the planet.  The Jaguar XFR - 0709 probably the most beautiful design ever for a production car.  It is a car so striking that it was included as a permanent part of the collection at New York’s Museum of Modern Art.  Almost without exception, every list of great and beautiful cars there is Jaguar’s impression. More texts and photographs have been written published to this car than any other in history in newspapers, magazines or blogs. I just love cars driving on highways and spend more time with it. I love outing on long drive to the beaches or forests. I used to go by bus or bikes. But I dream to go on my black Jaguar so that I can make my tour memorable every day. We know black colour is the most durable colour and direct sun light can’t harm the black car’s colour. When red or purple will go fade on sun lights after 2-3 years, the black Jaguar will remain same lusterfull. Also I can repair a dent or scratch with black colour myself which is not possible for any other colours. Black colour will not look dirty at ease.

3) Black Blazer and Trouser.

I desire to have a set of black blazer and trouser so that I can attend in any occasions, parties, and business meetings and go abroad in style. We all know that black blazers look more beautiful and it has some royal impression. Black is the colour of dignity and prestigious impression. I wish if I had such a black blazer. I used to go different places but putting on formal shirts and jeans. I lack a set of black blazer and trouser those could make my impression and personality higher than formal shirt. I cannot attend prestigious parties or invitations as guests for the lack of it. I know this is very expensive and I can’t afford from my salary. But my desire shall remain forever. Actually black coats are too much beautiful and durable as it doesn’t get dirty easily. I really confess that Black has magic.

4) A black chartered plane.

I dream to own a black chartered plane because I want to travel around the world with whole of my family on it. I can’t express how beautiful an unusual black plane will look actually. I think black looks pretty cool. In this case, maybe even s*xy enough. Everybody dreams to have an airplane and most of them are white but I always think differently that is why will choose a black airplane. I am sure it will be more attractive and killer looking on the white or sky blue skies.

5) BEATS BY DR.DRE Monster 900-00022-02 Studio Headset (Black).

I am a huge fan of Beats audio and I desire to have a black Beats by Dr.Dre Monster headphone because this is the gadget every music lovers dream to have. It is very precious and invention by Dr.Dre to make sound quality perfect. When I see Shakira / Priyanka / Britney like personalities are fan of this brand then I just dream to have it. It ensures best quality of sound and clarity. Every music lovers want this piece because this is an wonder of the world in term of quality of sounds and hardware-software.

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As Beautiful And Durable As Black!

‘Any colour - so long as it's black.’ ................ Henry Ford


Black is the new definition of beautiful and it is the colour of durability. Because black makes things beautiful like the edge of a TV, tablet, mobile phone, is auspicious to few religions like Muslims and Maa Kali (Kali word came from Kal (Black) which means creating a devastating power to destruct all the unconquerable evils) the goddess among Hindus adore it for saving our lives. Black is the colour of magic that is why we love ‘Black Magic’ which lets us entertained as a viewer and a profession of art for magicians! I have full obsession towards Black and sorted out 5 things I desire in my life. A Bengali proverb says…”Kalo Jagoter Alo” means black is the fortune/hope/light of the universe. Black is the reason we see light brighter and it makes realize us that universe is so beautiful.

1) Black is the language of Protest & Remembrance /memorial / funeral! 

I love black because protest has a language and colour which is black. Black rags/ flags are often used to protest against injustice, objection, unfair and illegal activities. We show our silent protest by black flags because we have hope on black. Only protest can change the game and help to take right decisions and build a healthy civilization. We know silent protest is mightier than going violence and can easily catch attention. Black has given a new dimension for the protesters to others to easily identify a silent protest.  When we lost our beloved ones then we show our respect by proper attire is black. Wearing a black suit it means to show respect for the family. Black shows our respect and sympathy for the unwanted loss. Wearing black clothes is the practice followed in many countries at funerals and memorial services. In Thailand Budhists wear black when attending a funeral.

2) Natural Black Hair, Eyes & Dark Body Screen Is Trend of Generations that’s why I am blackholic.

We have grown up with the word “Reshmi Kale Baal” means silky black hairs is the sign of young and beautiful from the elders whatever a boy or girl. Here black magic works as it conveys the message of beautiful and tenderness. Whoever lost their blackness they are not real and fresh. I have a friend who lost his blackness much earlier and had to hear many negligible words from everyone. Then he got a solution to dye his hair every week and went to college. It defines what the importance of Black is. I also love black hairs that not only looks beautiful but matches with every dresses at any atmosphere. To make blacker I use some traditional totka (tips) like mustard oil etc. I have seen everybody loves black hairs which looks natural, leaves the best impression and it’s the sign of good culture and behavior when grey hair defines unexpectable lifestyle and odd behavior.  Who lost their blackness means he\she lost his/her youth. There are many songs in Bollywood “Yeh kali kali zulfen aur gora gora chehra” which shows Black hair has its magic. Even Hollywood actors and actresses are blackholic now-a-days because it looks them beautiful. We can find many advertisements those ensure us of Black Hairs for exchange of money but sometime we suffer from many problems to make black our hairs. I desire my black hairs forever till death. Black Eyes are often used in song lyrics, poems, rhymes to define the inner beauty of blackness that no their colours can do magically. We know how many times we take oath of black eyes of our beloved ones.

“Kali Kamali Wale Ko Yaad Karte
Tere Kale Kale Naino Ki Kasam Khate Hain
Tere Kale Kale Naino Ke Banaye Hain Ruh
Tere Kale Kale Naino Ko Duwaye Hain Ruh”

“Ye Kaali Kaali Aankhen
Ye Gore Gore Gaal
Ye Tikhi Tikhi Nazaren
Yeh Hirni Jaisi Chaal
Dekha Jo Tujhe Jaanam
Huaa Hai Boora Haal”

3) Black Makes Finishing Touch for Artists.

As an artisan I know how the important of black colour is. You can ask any artist which colour they free up and the answer will always be the Black. Actually black was the first colors used for art as it we have seen in cave-arts drawings of bulls, jaguar, elephants, bears etc. between 18,000 and 17,000 years ago.  They had experimented on black by using charcoal, burning bones, ashes, tar etc. I used to buy triple amount of black colour than any other colours. Why artists use black most?....simple is without black we can’t complete finishing touch. The border has to be black so that we can concentrate more on the subjects. The outlines always have to be black to make it more live. We used to see LCD panels for TV, tablet, mobile phone are all black out lined. A little drop of black makes every colour deeper and works as very helpful when we want to make a different deeper colour. Suppose I want bass green and I have only one green colour. I will add two drops of black into green and it will emerge as the bass green! So, artists can experiment and create new colours what they want exactly with the help of black. I love to use black colour mobile phones, ink of pen and umbrella because it has boldness and clarity itself and to make others brilliant! There are some drawing competitions organized where participants can’t use black colour because they can easily make a painting awesome with the help of black. Here in painting black works as magic. When we try to make a paining durable then don’t find any other colours than black that is why we see car’s name plates, sign boards in govt. sectors are more often used black ink on yellow background.

4) Black Belt.

I wanted to be a black belt holder in martial art because this is the supreme honor for the practitioners in martial arts. I know very few people can achieve this honour but it was my desire I wanted to achieve. I worked hard and didn’t leave any stone unturned but still unachieved. The black bell describes as the level in martial arts and it means you are a graduate of the field. It is commonly the highest belt colour used as it denotes a degree of competence. I wanted to achieve it so that I could show it my parents that I can now protect myself and this is the certificate of appreciation. My instructor is a black belt holder and he is proud of it as it works as the badge or surname like doctors, CA, professors. I am still optimistic that one day I will sure achieve this honour and will show the world that I have made it possible. I have heard that Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar also got the black belt that’s why he is one of the Bollywood’s Rowdy action heroes. It is my one of the desire to get the black belt.

5) Black Coat of a judge or lawyer.

I just love the black coat that judges and lawyers wear because this black dress code ensures our law and order and help to stay us in peace. The gentlemen subordinate judges and magistrates put on black coat and rule the court-room. Actually I love the profession of a Judge or lawyer and of-course the black coat that looks like royal matter. The dress shows the extreme power and personality which made me crazy. I wanted to be a fair lawyer and put on this black coat to give justice to the innocents and punish the criminals. This black coat has the power to justify and show us the right direction to the future of safer world. I have full faith and love on this black coat that determines our safety, law and order. Black magic also here. Putting on black coat our lawyers and judges have revealed black market and black businesses!

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Five Things Zest Up My Life!

"I am sarcastic and dry, but I also have a pretty huge zest for life."  …..Krysten Ritter

        The most influential people who those zest up me play the most important role in my life for those I am stood up today and witnessing the world as I want to see. Zest is what I grown up watching/following them. I am fortunate that they came in my life as a role model or my inspirer but they are my God I follow. They all zest up me.

1) Blade Runner Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius.

Oscar is the zest in my life for his super-manly dare, achievements and winning the physical obstacles. His both legs were amputated below the knee when he was only 11 months old, he competes in international events from the front as an athlete the instance of generations. He has born as the champion and the hope of mankind that taking born with disability is not any matter. If we have the will to do then we can achieve anything in the world like winning Olympic gold medal. His fight against physical obstacle can beat all the great chronicles. The most successful athlete and his challenge encourage me. I still can remember how fiercely he can sprint to bring glory for his country. This is something what we all should remember whenever we are going fail from achieving from any goal. His fight touches my heart or may be billions. Oscar is the zest in my life for ever whenever I will try to take challenge.

                               * Photo Source: Google Image

2) My private Tutor.

My private tutor cum Professor Rakesh Majhi is my inspiration and zest in my life. He born in very poor family and his fight for education zests up me to be like him one day. Not only me but also many students want to be like him. I have seen him to work as a newspaper vendor in the morning and after that his another life was started. His father was a rickshaw puller and a regular drinker. Rakesh sir took up the responsibility of running his family on his shoulder and carried out his higher education successfully. It is almost like a story of a text book but I have witnessed it from my own eyes. He was the 1st boy of the classes till the last of his higher education and I was his one of proud student who believes that his fight is our inspiration for many generations. We learned and grown up in proper guide of him and his struggle worked as the enthu in my life. Now he is a Professor of a college still he manages from his busy time to teach poor students without any fees. After being a Professor he didn’t change his lifestyle and behavior as he can meet everyone very friendly. His struggle zests up in my life.

3) My mom is my zest.

My mom zests up me in my life. Actually she is more than my friend, philosopher and guide. I born in a very poor family as my father was sick from several diseases that is why he couldn't able to run our family unless my mother supported totally from nourish to us to earn money working in a local pen factory. She is my zest because whenever I give up my hope she inspires me to stand stood defending all the obstacles. She used to work over duty so that we get better food, education and dresses. My mom cooked our breakfast and lunch getting up very early in the morning so that she can go factory in time. And even coming back from factory she cooked our dinners but never saw her to give up her hope. She worked even till the dead of night. There is no doubt to confess that we two brothers and our one sister all are live and smiling only because of our mother. I haven't seen the God yet but my mom is more than my god! Whatever we are today she is our inspiration, strength and my zest!

I got enough inspiration and determination from my mom seeing her working for our family. There is a guardian in every family who only doesn't earn money but also takes the responsibility on his/ her mom is just like that we read in books or watch in the movies. I've learned the value of work and perseverance whatever we do, we shouldn't feel guiltiness for lack of good luck or fortune. We should keep doing our jobs from the bottom of the heart and the perseverance will help us to achieve our goal in life.  Now I work in a company where I've been showing my potentiality and creativity that I learned in my childhood while I grew up seeing my mom designing stitch-works and cartography. I am now an amateur commercial artist and did many artworks that I learned from my mom seeing her stitching Katha's, woolen swals, sitting carpets. We can't realise the meaning of our life and value of affection, love and money if we don't earn it after hardwork. Mom has helped me to realise it in my life. I don't only do my proposed jobs for my employer but also help them from different aspects I even never got training. If we really love our job then we can learn it easily. Being a house-wife the way my mom worked at a pen factory, I learned this reality. She ever taught me to respect elders and cultures. I have been following her words wherever in my office or at society, I get good response from my superiors and they whisper that I grew up in a cultural family. My mom never taught us shortcut in life and  influenced to be honest. Whenever I lost my hope she encouraged me to stand up on my own legs telling work hard a few days and will enjoy in whole life. And that has been proven. Taking responsibility of family is a big thing that I learned from my mom. She could end up our education and forced to work to support my family but she didn't because she believed that I should get my proper education till I can carry it. We had no electricity till graduation but my mom was the light to shave all the darkness. My mom helped me to buy expensive commerce stream's books and managed telling my private tutor to take minimal tuition fees. Mom managed my private tutor to take extra care which no other guardian of my classmates could manage. Today I can realise the contribution of my mom from my other friends.

Today I can realise why mom was reluctant to eat at nights or some good foods at home. Because she could manage that least of amount which she didn't want to share for her. I don't want to make my zest like other celebrities or successful personalities because I have grown up seeing my mom trying her best to run her family leaving no stone unturned. She is my zest just like every footballer works harder eying on Maradona. I still remember when I was attached by a deadly disease; my Mom did 'Manat' and fasted for a week only having green-coconut water & sago. When I came out of that, she took me walking 30Km on her lap from Sheoraphuly to Tarakeshwar to break her manat to lord Shiva. I never can forget this contribution in my life. I know this is a superstition but a good mother can do much more for their offspring going beyond we can imagine. Even I will follow my mom this way if my own children are suffering from that sort of diseases. Whatever I have learned in my life, sheer amount of them I learned from my Mom. She acted like my friend and shared every small or big things with me. I never could swim unless my mom taught me on her own hand. I had a hydrophobia and some of my superiors advised to learn as soon as possible. My mom brought tube of a car from shop so that I can easily learn swimming. If someone asks me what I would like to be, I will say a responsible and guardian of my family like my mom.

                                With Mom.

4) Cricket and Sachin Tendulkar.

Yes, Sachin Tendulkar zests up me in my life to stand up and achieve my goals. Or may be every Indian thinks him the God of cricket but his humanity, behavior and calmness all in a package zest up me every time I see him. It was not easy to face fastest balls being a 5.5” little boy against a 6.4” fast bowler. It’s nothing less than a saga. He zests up me to fight against any obstacles in my life. His achievements is known to all but his leadership from the behind, gentleman behavior and accepting the challenge either in the ground or outside is more than a fairy tale. We should read his achievements and humanity in our text books in the upcoming days.

                               *Photo Source: Star Sports Image.

5) Love from children.

I love children and they are my true friends. I love to spend time with children to discover or know their likes, dislikes, feelings, hobbies, minds and everything about them. I have more children friends than my same aged friends. I love to know their habit, what they love to eat, drink, where they love to go etc. Actually their love in return zest up me in my life. I love to take them to a place where they love to go. I prepare foods for them and it’s an hour to think that they love me more than their parents. I also teach them morality, primary education, drawings, physical work-out etc. I love to read their mind which zest up me indeed.

                                My Junior Club!

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Zest For Life I Cant Ignore To Confess 5 Things!

“If the next generation is to face the future with zest and self-confidence, we must educate them to be original as well as competent”

 ------- Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Zest is needed in life to bring out our super power which is hidden in everybody of us. It makes our life comfortable and beautiful and encourages being successful whatever we are doing. Positive psychology says zest is among our twenty four strengths possessed by humanity. It is a vital component of the virtue of courage as defined as living life with a sense of excitement, anticipation and energy that is very much need for us. I have got that zest as I have shortlisted underhere only five among hundreds.

1) Friendly Parents: 

I am lucky and fortunate to have friendly parents and family those zest up me in my life. Like others my parents play most important role in my life and moreover that have guided me to walk on the right track. I born with some difficulties but they didn't give up their hope to turn me in normal life. I still remember my mom used to 'Manat' at the temples and mosques whoever assured her that I can recover from abnormality. One day in winter I bathed at the Ganges in the midnight and my mom suffered the bone-thriller cold with me. They didn't allow me to admit in boarding school because they wanted to nourish me in their own hand with affections. That is why I feel proud of my parents. Whenever the board exams were at the door they spent sleepless nights with me. My parents are my best friends. I got my Dad as my math and Mom my history teacher for those I was able to score on the top line in schools. That is enough to thank my parents for bringing me into normal life. I don't grief that I couldn't become a doctor or engineer. Their affection and touch is my wealth and property. I am happy with my life that has been zest up by my parents.

2) My boss zests up my hidden entrepreneurship.

I think we all have something to learn from my boss R. Hasan who is now an emerging entrepreneur in India. It's like a celluloid story from where he started his business on a cycle and now driving a super luxurious car! I am lucky to work with him and there is my hidden dream to start a new business like him and one day I want to be successful like him. He zests up me because he comes first whenever I need inspiration. He really worked hard to establish his business that I am learning every day. I know only 1 in many can succeed like him but when I see him I get inspired and enough courage to take the chance. I have also a family background business that I want to accelerate and my boss is my zest in this regard. I don't want to work as an employee anymore whatever my salary package hikes because there is an awesome feeling and freedom in our own initiative. He teaches me how to conduct and meet people to fix an order and keep good business relationship with the clients. I still have lots to learn from him.

My boss already made the deepest impact to zest up in my life showing the perseverance and game changing decision to take at the right time when the rod is red. I am working seven years with him and learning everyday how to improve business prospects & development accordingly even in the economic slowdown. I have learned the way to satisfy customers with maximum satisfactions in minimal value. I see his working till the dead of night to interact with foreign clients and when clients require support urgently he don’t waste time to depute technical support instantly. I just go surprise seeing him to show positive attitude even in uncomfortable situations. He loves to take risks when need and 90% times those are fruitful. I’ve learned how to welcome delegates and impress them to set up a permanent business relations. I’ve learned business doesn’t grow only by capital or cash flow but also some game changing decisions require as well. He taught to stay focused on job and supporting customers is the top most priority. Now our organization upgrading from SSI to Medium Enterprise under MSME only because of our punctual boss’s touch. My boss has got many national & local awards and will get more in future. When I stare at the awards my boss received, I go surprised to see and wish some day if I were able to get one of them that sure would have made my life awesome. His style of work culture has inspired me to set up my own business. He is my role model because I want to be like him one day. He never supported any illegal business activities or unhealthy business completion. He never did breach of any contract whatever its profitable or not. I’ve also discovered another quality of him is he is very kind person. When our office sweeper’s marriage came he took the sole responsibility on his shoulder and paid all the expenses of the marriage. One day I saw when one of our factory worker suffered from brain cancer, my boss took the full responsibility of the family. That is the biggest thing of my Boss which I loved most and really appreciate and admire. Hats off to my boss. My boss has been teaching us the morality and discipline on work or off work. He regularly donates many NGOs without any thinking. I still remember my boss to help local flood affected villagers with all his working people. He donated 2 Lacs for the last national disaster in Uttarakhand which reflects his greatness that really inspires me to be like him. My boss is definitely my zest.

3) Commercial Art.

Commercial art has given my life a chance to rejoice and bloom like an everlasting flower. As a commercial artist I have started my career when I was at college life and made my presence into my locality as a creative people. I love to create new things and want to surprise people by my work. I arrange puja pandals from thermocol and other Kalkas every year when Durgapuja and Saraswati Puja come. Every year I do different themes like Red Fort, Taj, Victoria Memorial, ISKCON Temple working day and night with local lads. All the neighbors keep their eyes on what I am doing this year. I love this surprise and the craziness of people around me which zests up me to work better and surprise them frequently. Actually artists live in their works and their fans are their zest that I get as a commercial artist from my fans.

4) My love with Cricket.

I grown up with my favourite sport cricket which taught me calculated lifestyle and face the obstacles. I was not a star cricketer but was dependable all rounder for my team. I was not able to play cricket till my matriculation. I came up with my very friendly uncle who taught me the basic of cricket his hand to hand. Once cricket was my life until I entered into corporate sector. I love this sport because it’s a game of gentlemen who don’t show their strength but perfect combination of strength and mind. I spent night and night to watch matches on TV and this habit helped me zest up in my further life. I taught the discipline from cricket and obviously my coach. I couldn’t become a state level cricketer but I am happy that I helped for my club. When every year my organisaiton arranges a friendly match between my office vs. factory colleagues, I lead my office team from the front and try to keep the cup in office for last 3 years!

5)  Cooking and self-dependness.

I love cooking that zests up me in my life to be self-depended and work independently without any help of others. I try new items and recipes at my home whenever I get leisure. I go to internet to find what’s hot of this month in various food blogs and try them at home. This cooking habit came into me when I was posted in a different state for my professional purpose and I had to cook my food my own with two other colleagues. I learnt shopping and cooking then. I really loved to prepare new recipes and surprise colleagues. This cooking and managing home helped me to be self dependent in my further life. I learned washing clothes, wash utensils, shopping and making delicious items. I am now self depended and pretty happy for that. My cooking and self dependness zest up me to a new life. 

Thank you!

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

5 Things Zest Up My Life Showing The Right Way!

“Zest is the secret of all beauty. There is no beauty that is attractive without zest.”

     Very well said by Christian Dior, a French fashion designer. My life has been experiencing the ultimate success, goodwill and unstoppable energy to work better every day. All that I can say is ‘Zest’ in life to do something different is a must to succeed whatever we are doing. My zest has driven me to love the job whatever it’s not very famous to all or helps to earn bucks. I get inspired from myself in my work and as I ever love to stay behind the crowd. I have sorted out those 5 things truly zest up my life the most from many.

       1)    My first love Painting is my zest.

Painting means a lot in my life. I love to give life my imaginations on paper or canvas that many may miss who can’t draw. Actually painters have the freedom to experiment even going beyond their imaginations. I witness and experience that when I am holding a pencil or brush. Alike writers a painter can think independently and enjoy the opportunity that money can’t provide. I have such self-satisfaction that empowers my zest which comes from my painting. When a cricketer plays with bat and ball, I play with my brushes and colours to give life my thinking. There is fun to show your creativity that a painter does. My life is awesome because I am a part of creative people who can think and work independently. I get my zest from my works that I have chosen myself because of my self-satisfaction. I can see the world, objects differently and my eyes are always an ultra hd camera because even after one year I can live up on canvas what I have seen. My painting keeps me always positive and a proud people. Awards or appreciations zest up to work better but the self satisfaction works as the achievement of life. I am proud of my work that keeps me charged, my sporty madness with drawing tools and appreciations from people whom I don’t know met ever. A painter can die physically but his work lives forever. Actually I lost myself in painting forgetting what’s happening around the world. Even when I am working as an accountant for my concern, I have learned how to focus on jobs and accomplish it perfectly so that can get appreciations. The mind of perfection woks here as well that I learned from my painting. Only painter’s can feel the feelings of a painter. I have faced many obstacles in my life but my perfection-mind and my self-dependence have rescued from them. Now I am the inspiration of many in my locality who can think and work independently at his job.

           2)    Crossword puzzle to cross the border of my obligation.

My 2nd zest in life is my passion of making and solving crosswords. As a crossword enthusiast I have learned to arrange my life in my way. The daily grid is my second love and plays one of the most important roles in my life. In the first times it was very funny and proud feeling to solve the crosswords early in the morning before grandpa wakes up though he taught me to play with the words. Even before reading the newspaper, I turned on the 3rd page where puzzles made me most puzzled. When I couldn’t solve the entire crosswords, I felt the days very awkward. The crossword has taught me to be calm and quiet till the last words. I have learned to focus on my job from the crosswords. When I am now a successful crossword composer, I find new things in myself. It may be very small thing for many but I know the love how has zest up in my life. I am now very familiar name in almost all the leading newspaper publications due to more than 500 crosswords have published all over India. Now I only compose special crosswords in occasions and many solvers wait for that for the months. The clues I provide those make people puzzled to get the right words. The clues arranged in rhyme shape make it very interesting and hard to reach. Many fans write and mail me that my crosswords they love very much and want that I should continue in mere quantity. Now I only come up on Sundays with weekly crossword section which I compose throughout the week to make it more interesting and can make people satisfied when they really reach out. My crosswords have given me many awards in the competitions and won heart of many that zests up me to be always positive and satisfied at my work. When I was invited in American crossword championship as a jury couple of years ago, I was truly in cloud 9. They have liked my style of clues I arrange in rhyme style and put them in a unique way. My life without painting and crossword is nothing. I get inspired and find the meaning of life from both. It made me to be creative.

            3)    Travelling zests up my life to know the world.

As a travel enthusiast I have I have fulfilled my life. I love exploring the world, nature and new things those I have never seen or heard before. Actually the appetite of travelling forced me to be bachelor and I am happy with my bachelor life because I know that it was impossible to go out without any pre-schedule or plan in married life. I love to see the world where I have never gone, witness the miracles those we read or watch on books and TV. Exploration has driven my life that zests up to do something new. I go out without any notification to family or friends and come back just like a stranger. I enjoy my life meeting with new people, having or drinking their habits, going mingle-up into their lifestyle. It has taught me to be exploring and the mind to witness new things. It doesn’t matter that I have to go abroad to make a good memory of my travel experience. My own country India is enough to explore as I can go desert to mountains, rivers to oceans, snow to blistering hot places. I have smelt the different tastes of different places and don’t want to go abroad. I know I can’t complete visiting all the places in India in my life time those miracle places can beat world heritage travel destinations. I am lucky to have a few trekking enthusiastic friends I accompany with them. The appetite of travelling new places works as my inspiration in life.

                                *** Image source: The Guardian

             4)    Tuition is what I love and part of my life.

I love taking challenges and that helps me to polish my knowledge and learn even being as a private tutor. Due to economic condition I started my part time job since my matriculation as a private tutor which helped me to learn a lot while teaching. Today I really feel fortunate myself that thanks God I got this opportunity to learn with the students. I don’t think I was a teacher but I was coordinator or learning assistant. Because I confess that I have learned many things while teaching (!) from their guardians, students and surrounding. It is different experience who works as private tutor. I feel proud of experiencing and knowing the student’s minds, their likes and dislikes and sometime helping them to achieve their goals. As I repent for that I couldn’t succeed to teach them well but simultaneously I feel proud of few students those made my life successful. Tuition is a big challenge and I enjoyed it. I feel proud of myself as succeeded to help few students to pass out with good marks and very few to top of the classes. It was a big challenge to teach few topper students and read their minds so that they can come up with better results. My life has been fulfilled thinking that I never could top of the class but for exchange of fees few students could succeeded to top. No one can understand the proud feeling that a topper’s teacher feel. I have witnessed it and get the zest of my life for that that. As I have taken fees from rich guardians but also didn’t take a single penny for the economically disabled students. This begets good feelings.

              5)    My love with carom polishes my life.

I know carom is not a sophisticated sport we respect but it will be in my heart forever. Like other sports it has the same sporty spirit I experience every time I play. Actually I don’t like those sports to be played by body with the opponents. As a calm and cool guy I get inspired from snooker or few mind games like carom. Carom is my 1st and last beloved sport I love most. I love cricket but don’t love so much cricket these days. Cricket has lost the luster for me for its excessive display. I have grown up playing carom with my grandpa, dad and neighbors. I really enjoy this angle game because it is played by mind and calculation. So, whenever I get leisure, don’t waste just watching soaps or excessive cricket on TV but playing carom with my friends. I am also lucky for that I can play carom in lunch hour in my office with the colleagues. I learnt the accuracy and calculation in my life from carom. When I strike a dice, it changes the geography of dices just the way I wanted to move them. It’s a mind game, so it provides me mental happiness and satisfaction if it is going right. People love my style of playing that I enjoy and empowers my zest to apply on my life. 

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Thank you very much for reading!