Monday, July 21, 2014

Zest For Life I Cant Ignore To Confess 5 Things!

“If the next generation is to face the future with zest and self-confidence, we must educate them to be original as well as competent”

 ------- Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Zest is needed in life to bring out our super power which is hidden in everybody of us. It makes our life comfortable and beautiful and encourages being successful whatever we are doing. Positive psychology says zest is among our twenty four strengths possessed by humanity. It is a vital component of the virtue of courage as defined as living life with a sense of excitement, anticipation and energy that is very much need for us. I have got that zest as I have shortlisted underhere only five among hundreds.

1) Friendly Parents: 

I am lucky and fortunate to have friendly parents and family those zest up me in my life. Like others my parents play most important role in my life and moreover that have guided me to walk on the right track. I born with some difficulties but they didn't give up their hope to turn me in normal life. I still remember my mom used to 'Manat' at the temples and mosques whoever assured her that I can recover from abnormality. One day in winter I bathed at the Ganges in the midnight and my mom suffered the bone-thriller cold with me. They didn't allow me to admit in boarding school because they wanted to nourish me in their own hand with affections. That is why I feel proud of my parents. Whenever the board exams were at the door they spent sleepless nights with me. My parents are my best friends. I got my Dad as my math and Mom my history teacher for those I was able to score on the top line in schools. That is enough to thank my parents for bringing me into normal life. I don't grief that I couldn't become a doctor or engineer. Their affection and touch is my wealth and property. I am happy with my life that has been zest up by my parents.

2) My boss zests up my hidden entrepreneurship.

I think we all have something to learn from my boss R. Hasan who is now an emerging entrepreneur in India. It's like a celluloid story from where he started his business on a cycle and now driving a super luxurious car! I am lucky to work with him and there is my hidden dream to start a new business like him and one day I want to be successful like him. He zests up me because he comes first whenever I need inspiration. He really worked hard to establish his business that I am learning every day. I know only 1 in many can succeed like him but when I see him I get inspired and enough courage to take the chance. I have also a family background business that I want to accelerate and my boss is my zest in this regard. I don't want to work as an employee anymore whatever my salary package hikes because there is an awesome feeling and freedom in our own initiative. He teaches me how to conduct and meet people to fix an order and keep good business relationship with the clients. I still have lots to learn from him.

My boss already made the deepest impact to zest up in my life showing the perseverance and game changing decision to take at the right time when the rod is red. I am working seven years with him and learning everyday how to improve business prospects & development accordingly even in the economic slowdown. I have learned the way to satisfy customers with maximum satisfactions in minimal value. I see his working till the dead of night to interact with foreign clients and when clients require support urgently he don’t waste time to depute technical support instantly. I just go surprise seeing him to show positive attitude even in uncomfortable situations. He loves to take risks when need and 90% times those are fruitful. I’ve learned how to welcome delegates and impress them to set up a permanent business relations. I’ve learned business doesn’t grow only by capital or cash flow but also some game changing decisions require as well. He taught to stay focused on job and supporting customers is the top most priority. Now our organization upgrading from SSI to Medium Enterprise under MSME only because of our punctual boss’s touch. My boss has got many national & local awards and will get more in future. When I stare at the awards my boss received, I go surprised to see and wish some day if I were able to get one of them that sure would have made my life awesome. His style of work culture has inspired me to set up my own business. He is my role model because I want to be like him one day. He never supported any illegal business activities or unhealthy business completion. He never did breach of any contract whatever its profitable or not. I’ve also discovered another quality of him is he is very kind person. When our office sweeper’s marriage came he took the sole responsibility on his shoulder and paid all the expenses of the marriage. One day I saw when one of our factory worker suffered from brain cancer, my boss took the full responsibility of the family. That is the biggest thing of my Boss which I loved most and really appreciate and admire. Hats off to my boss. My boss has been teaching us the morality and discipline on work or off work. He regularly donates many NGOs without any thinking. I still remember my boss to help local flood affected villagers with all his working people. He donated 2 Lacs for the last national disaster in Uttarakhand which reflects his greatness that really inspires me to be like him. My boss is definitely my zest.

3) Commercial Art.

Commercial art has given my life a chance to rejoice and bloom like an everlasting flower. As a commercial artist I have started my career when I was at college life and made my presence into my locality as a creative people. I love to create new things and want to surprise people by my work. I arrange puja pandals from thermocol and other Kalkas every year when Durgapuja and Saraswati Puja come. Every year I do different themes like Red Fort, Taj, Victoria Memorial, ISKCON Temple working day and night with local lads. All the neighbors keep their eyes on what I am doing this year. I love this surprise and the craziness of people around me which zests up me to work better and surprise them frequently. Actually artists live in their works and their fans are their zest that I get as a commercial artist from my fans.

4) My love with Cricket.

I grown up with my favourite sport cricket which taught me calculated lifestyle and face the obstacles. I was not a star cricketer but was dependable all rounder for my team. I was not able to play cricket till my matriculation. I came up with my very friendly uncle who taught me the basic of cricket his hand to hand. Once cricket was my life until I entered into corporate sector. I love this sport because it’s a game of gentlemen who don’t show their strength but perfect combination of strength and mind. I spent night and night to watch matches on TV and this habit helped me zest up in my further life. I taught the discipline from cricket and obviously my coach. I couldn’t become a state level cricketer but I am happy that I helped for my club. When every year my organisaiton arranges a friendly match between my office vs. factory colleagues, I lead my office team from the front and try to keep the cup in office for last 3 years!

5)  Cooking and self-dependness.

I love cooking that zests up me in my life to be self-depended and work independently without any help of others. I try new items and recipes at my home whenever I get leisure. I go to internet to find what’s hot of this month in various food blogs and try them at home. This cooking habit came into me when I was posted in a different state for my professional purpose and I had to cook my food my own with two other colleagues. I learnt shopping and cooking then. I really loved to prepare new recipes and surprise colleagues. This cooking and managing home helped me to be self dependent in my further life. I learned washing clothes, wash utensils, shopping and making delicious items. I am now self depended and pretty happy for that. My cooking and self dependness zest up me to a new life. 

Thank you!

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