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As Beautiful And Durable As Black!

‘Any colour - so long as it's black.’ ................ Henry Ford


Black is the new definition of beautiful and it is the colour of durability. Because black makes things beautiful like the edge of a TV, tablet, mobile phone, is auspicious to few religions like Muslims and Maa Kali (Kali word came from Kal (Black) which means creating a devastating power to destruct all the unconquerable evils) the goddess among Hindus adore it for saving our lives. Black is the colour of magic that is why we love ‘Black Magic’ which lets us entertained as a viewer and a profession of art for magicians! I have full obsession towards Black and sorted out 5 things I desire in my life. A Bengali proverb says…”Kalo Jagoter Alo” means black is the fortune/hope/light of the universe. Black is the reason we see light brighter and it makes realize us that universe is so beautiful.

1) Black is the language of Protest & Remembrance /memorial / funeral! 

I love black because protest has a language and colour which is black. Black rags/ flags are often used to protest against injustice, objection, unfair and illegal activities. We show our silent protest by black flags because we have hope on black. Only protest can change the game and help to take right decisions and build a healthy civilization. We know silent protest is mightier than going violence and can easily catch attention. Black has given a new dimension for the protesters to others to easily identify a silent protest.  When we lost our beloved ones then we show our respect by proper attire is black. Wearing a black suit it means to show respect for the family. Black shows our respect and sympathy for the unwanted loss. Wearing black clothes is the practice followed in many countries at funerals and memorial services. In Thailand Budhists wear black when attending a funeral.

2) Natural Black Hair, Eyes & Dark Body Screen Is Trend of Generations that’s why I am blackholic.

We have grown up with the word “Reshmi Kale Baal” means silky black hairs is the sign of young and beautiful from the elders whatever a boy or girl. Here black magic works as it conveys the message of beautiful and tenderness. Whoever lost their blackness they are not real and fresh. I have a friend who lost his blackness much earlier and had to hear many negligible words from everyone. Then he got a solution to dye his hair every week and went to college. It defines what the importance of Black is. I also love black hairs that not only looks beautiful but matches with every dresses at any atmosphere. To make blacker I use some traditional totka (tips) like mustard oil etc. I have seen everybody loves black hairs which looks natural, leaves the best impression and it’s the sign of good culture and behavior when grey hair defines unexpectable lifestyle and odd behavior.  Who lost their blackness means he\she lost his/her youth. There are many songs in Bollywood “Yeh kali kali zulfen aur gora gora chehra” which shows Black hair has its magic. Even Hollywood actors and actresses are blackholic now-a-days because it looks them beautiful. We can find many advertisements those ensure us of Black Hairs for exchange of money but sometime we suffer from many problems to make black our hairs. I desire my black hairs forever till death. Black Eyes are often used in song lyrics, poems, rhymes to define the inner beauty of blackness that no their colours can do magically. We know how many times we take oath of black eyes of our beloved ones.

“Kali Kamali Wale Ko Yaad Karte
Tere Kale Kale Naino Ki Kasam Khate Hain
Tere Kale Kale Naino Ke Banaye Hain Ruh
Tere Kale Kale Naino Ko Duwaye Hain Ruh”

“Ye Kaali Kaali Aankhen
Ye Gore Gore Gaal
Ye Tikhi Tikhi Nazaren
Yeh Hirni Jaisi Chaal
Dekha Jo Tujhe Jaanam
Huaa Hai Boora Haal”

3) Black Makes Finishing Touch for Artists.

As an artisan I know how the important of black colour is. You can ask any artist which colour they free up and the answer will always be the Black. Actually black was the first colors used for art as it we have seen in cave-arts drawings of bulls, jaguar, elephants, bears etc. between 18,000 and 17,000 years ago.  They had experimented on black by using charcoal, burning bones, ashes, tar etc. I used to buy triple amount of black colour than any other colours. Why artists use black most?....simple is without black we can’t complete finishing touch. The border has to be black so that we can concentrate more on the subjects. The outlines always have to be black to make it more live. We used to see LCD panels for TV, tablet, mobile phone are all black out lined. A little drop of black makes every colour deeper and works as very helpful when we want to make a different deeper colour. Suppose I want bass green and I have only one green colour. I will add two drops of black into green and it will emerge as the bass green! So, artists can experiment and create new colours what they want exactly with the help of black. I love to use black colour mobile phones, ink of pen and umbrella because it has boldness and clarity itself and to make others brilliant! There are some drawing competitions organized where participants can’t use black colour because they can easily make a painting awesome with the help of black. Here in painting black works as magic. When we try to make a paining durable then don’t find any other colours than black that is why we see car’s name plates, sign boards in govt. sectors are more often used black ink on yellow background.

4) Black Belt.

I wanted to be a black belt holder in martial art because this is the supreme honor for the practitioners in martial arts. I know very few people can achieve this honour but it was my desire I wanted to achieve. I worked hard and didn’t leave any stone unturned but still unachieved. The black bell describes as the level in martial arts and it means you are a graduate of the field. It is commonly the highest belt colour used as it denotes a degree of competence. I wanted to achieve it so that I could show it my parents that I can now protect myself and this is the certificate of appreciation. My instructor is a black belt holder and he is proud of it as it works as the badge or surname like doctors, CA, professors. I am still optimistic that one day I will sure achieve this honour and will show the world that I have made it possible. I have heard that Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar also got the black belt that’s why he is one of the Bollywood’s Rowdy action heroes. It is my one of the desire to get the black belt.

5) Black Coat of a judge or lawyer.

I just love the black coat that judges and lawyers wear because this black dress code ensures our law and order and help to stay us in peace. The gentlemen subordinate judges and magistrates put on black coat and rule the court-room. Actually I love the profession of a Judge or lawyer and of-course the black coat that looks like royal matter. The dress shows the extreme power and personality which made me crazy. I wanted to be a fair lawyer and put on this black coat to give justice to the innocents and punish the criminals. This black coat has the power to justify and show us the right direction to the future of safer world. I have full faith and love on this black coat that determines our safety, law and order. Black magic also here. Putting on black coat our lawyers and judges have revealed black market and black businesses!

Thank you for reading!

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