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Five Things Zest Up My Life!

"I am sarcastic and dry, but I also have a pretty huge zest for life."  …..Krysten Ritter

        The most influential people who those zest up me play the most important role in my life for those I am stood up today and witnessing the world as I want to see. Zest is what I grown up watching/following them. I am fortunate that they came in my life as a role model or my inspirer but they are my God I follow. They all zest up me.

1) Blade Runner Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius.

Oscar is the zest in my life for his super-manly dare, achievements and winning the physical obstacles. His both legs were amputated below the knee when he was only 11 months old, he competes in international events from the front as an athlete the instance of generations. He has born as the champion and the hope of mankind that taking born with disability is not any matter. If we have the will to do then we can achieve anything in the world like winning Olympic gold medal. His fight against physical obstacle can beat all the great chronicles. The most successful athlete and his challenge encourage me. I still can remember how fiercely he can sprint to bring glory for his country. This is something what we all should remember whenever we are going fail from achieving from any goal. His fight touches my heart or may be billions. Oscar is the zest in my life for ever whenever I will try to take challenge.

                               * Photo Source: Google Image

2) My private Tutor.

My private tutor cum Professor Rakesh Majhi is my inspiration and zest in my life. He born in very poor family and his fight for education zests up me to be like him one day. Not only me but also many students want to be like him. I have seen him to work as a newspaper vendor in the morning and after that his another life was started. His father was a rickshaw puller and a regular drinker. Rakesh sir took up the responsibility of running his family on his shoulder and carried out his higher education successfully. It is almost like a story of a text book but I have witnessed it from my own eyes. He was the 1st boy of the classes till the last of his higher education and I was his one of proud student who believes that his fight is our inspiration for many generations. We learned and grown up in proper guide of him and his struggle worked as the enthu in my life. Now he is a Professor of a college still he manages from his busy time to teach poor students without any fees. After being a Professor he didn’t change his lifestyle and behavior as he can meet everyone very friendly. His struggle zests up in my life.

3) My mom is my zest.

My mom zests up me in my life. Actually she is more than my friend, philosopher and guide. I born in a very poor family as my father was sick from several diseases that is why he couldn't able to run our family unless my mother supported totally from nourish to us to earn money working in a local pen factory. She is my zest because whenever I give up my hope she inspires me to stand stood defending all the obstacles. She used to work over duty so that we get better food, education and dresses. My mom cooked our breakfast and lunch getting up very early in the morning so that she can go factory in time. And even coming back from factory she cooked our dinners but never saw her to give up her hope. She worked even till the dead of night. There is no doubt to confess that we two brothers and our one sister all are live and smiling only because of our mother. I haven't seen the God yet but my mom is more than my god! Whatever we are today she is our inspiration, strength and my zest!

I got enough inspiration and determination from my mom seeing her working for our family. There is a guardian in every family who only doesn't earn money but also takes the responsibility on his/ her mom is just like that we read in books or watch in the movies. I've learned the value of work and perseverance whatever we do, we shouldn't feel guiltiness for lack of good luck or fortune. We should keep doing our jobs from the bottom of the heart and the perseverance will help us to achieve our goal in life.  Now I work in a company where I've been showing my potentiality and creativity that I learned in my childhood while I grew up seeing my mom designing stitch-works and cartography. I am now an amateur commercial artist and did many artworks that I learned from my mom seeing her stitching Katha's, woolen swals, sitting carpets. We can't realise the meaning of our life and value of affection, love and money if we don't earn it after hardwork. Mom has helped me to realise it in my life. I don't only do my proposed jobs for my employer but also help them from different aspects I even never got training. If we really love our job then we can learn it easily. Being a house-wife the way my mom worked at a pen factory, I learned this reality. She ever taught me to respect elders and cultures. I have been following her words wherever in my office or at society, I get good response from my superiors and they whisper that I grew up in a cultural family. My mom never taught us shortcut in life and  influenced to be honest. Whenever I lost my hope she encouraged me to stand up on my own legs telling work hard a few days and will enjoy in whole life. And that has been proven. Taking responsibility of family is a big thing that I learned from my mom. She could end up our education and forced to work to support my family but she didn't because she believed that I should get my proper education till I can carry it. We had no electricity till graduation but my mom was the light to shave all the darkness. My mom helped me to buy expensive commerce stream's books and managed telling my private tutor to take minimal tuition fees. Mom managed my private tutor to take extra care which no other guardian of my classmates could manage. Today I can realise the contribution of my mom from my other friends.

Today I can realise why mom was reluctant to eat at nights or some good foods at home. Because she could manage that least of amount which she didn't want to share for her. I don't want to make my zest like other celebrities or successful personalities because I have grown up seeing my mom trying her best to run her family leaving no stone unturned. She is my zest just like every footballer works harder eying on Maradona. I still remember when I was attached by a deadly disease; my Mom did 'Manat' and fasted for a week only having green-coconut water & sago. When I came out of that, she took me walking 30Km on her lap from Sheoraphuly to Tarakeshwar to break her manat to lord Shiva. I never can forget this contribution in my life. I know this is a superstition but a good mother can do much more for their offspring going beyond we can imagine. Even I will follow my mom this way if my own children are suffering from that sort of diseases. Whatever I have learned in my life, sheer amount of them I learned from my Mom. She acted like my friend and shared every small or big things with me. I never could swim unless my mom taught me on her own hand. I had a hydrophobia and some of my superiors advised to learn as soon as possible. My mom brought tube of a car from shop so that I can easily learn swimming. If someone asks me what I would like to be, I will say a responsible and guardian of my family like my mom.

                                With Mom.

4) Cricket and Sachin Tendulkar.

Yes, Sachin Tendulkar zests up me in my life to stand up and achieve my goals. Or may be every Indian thinks him the God of cricket but his humanity, behavior and calmness all in a package zest up me every time I see him. It was not easy to face fastest balls being a 5.5” little boy against a 6.4” fast bowler. It’s nothing less than a saga. He zests up me to fight against any obstacles in my life. His achievements is known to all but his leadership from the behind, gentleman behavior and accepting the challenge either in the ground or outside is more than a fairy tale. We should read his achievements and humanity in our text books in the upcoming days.

                               *Photo Source: Star Sports Image.

5) Love from children.

I love children and they are my true friends. I love to spend time with children to discover or know their likes, dislikes, feelings, hobbies, minds and everything about them. I have more children friends than my same aged friends. I love to know their habit, what they love to eat, drink, where they love to go etc. Actually their love in return zest up me in my life. I love to take them to a place where they love to go. I prepare foods for them and it’s an hour to think that they love me more than their parents. I also teach them morality, primary education, drawings, physical work-out etc. I love to read their mind which zest up me indeed.

                                My Junior Club!

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