Monday, December 1, 2014

A single shave could change my life!

There is a saying that 'Opportunity never knocks twice at any man's door'….now I believe that as I missed a golden one which could have been a game changer in my life. It was my 2nd campus interview in a MNC after completion of engineering and I missed it due to lack of proper grooming which is important to impress clients as the interviewers given tips at the end of the interview. It was a lesson for me. Before that I was determined that look or cleanliness doesn’t matter. However it was a part of personality development but I could grab the opportunity with few simple ten minutes of care. Actually I learned the shaven face and sophisticated formal dress code make the difference as it adds the body language of how I am taking the job seriously or casually. It is important to show positive gesture by out that provides by clean and shaven face and the confidence automatically grows up. I also think it’s my ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ by body language. It actually improves my self-confidence so that whatever I am doing I can bring out my 100%. It was my eye opener as I learnt that my positive gesture makes the half job done.  

Yes, there is no such word like 'luck' to move the wheel of destiny unless we take the pledge to make our own luck ourselves. Even a lucky draw winner takes the courage to book a bunch of lottery tickets     after a few bucks of expenses. So, it's all depend over us. If I had taken a tiny care to groom myself then I never needed to see this day. Now I realised we all make our own destiny and it's all in our hands. The confidence of being a man depends on my face as well along with my well and sophisticated dress whenever I am trying to impress someone. One can easily impress if he is dares to stand face to face and confident to represent logics. 

My favourite 'Gillette Mach3' (Special Edition)

                 My selfie taken after shaving from 'Gillette Mach3'

I have now taken the pledge to shave everyday and face the challenge my family business. I know I have missed a golden opportunity but I haven't given up as I try to convince and impress my clients at my business ground. When most of my Engineering friends migrated to US and UK, I bend the rules staying at home reconstructing my father's engineering shop where I can apply my academic knowledge to stand out the dying business. I could earn huge amount of bucks going out there in abroad but I took the challenge to regrow and establish my family business to a new peak. I took the responsibility and now it's turning around in spite of the economic meltdown all over the world. When I sign a new contract or meet new clients I appear with shaven face so that they realise that I have taken this deal as very important matter. This is the advantage of shaving and I've taken oath will continue till the end of my life. Now I take selfies in every two hours as I have got a whole new confidence from my shaven face. Thank you Gillette for bringing some innovative and game changer inventions for the mankind!

                     My most favourite 'Gillette Fusion' razor!

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Groom your face to stay ahead of the race.

                               After Shave Selfie!

Yes, I have missed an opportunity to impress my Boss. It's a true story of my nightmare in my ten years of career. I neglected shaving on regular basis and for that I pay off that acted on my progressive career. I was able to manage my immediate boss but the superior boss is still fired on me. The incident happened when my superior boss came one day without any notice or preplan due to some reason. I attended that day without shaving my beard and mustache. I had no idea or could think in nightmare that Boss will come at our office that day. I was totally unprepared and was not carrying my grooming kit with me which I do now-a-days after this incident. I was working on my project and suddenly my boss arrived for surprise visit. All of my colleagues were shaven except me. I faced my Boss before his chair. I was totally feeling guilty because Boss was accompanied with some other clients and we were trying to impress our clients with our projects. But I was feeling guilty as I didn't shave last two or three days. Due to lack of confidence I couldn't given my best and my boss was fired on my. I know it's always important to be positive at attitude and confident those come from my appearance and grooming. I was trying my best but it was my unshaven face that spread water on the dream. The day still I can remember and one of my panic story. Later this incident affected on my promotion and incremental of my salary. I repent everyday thinking that if I was shaven the day then I had a chance to impress my clients as well as my boss. I missed an golden opportunity when I heard that Boss is not happy the way I represented the project and I was not well groomed. 

The incident might be just a small incident but was a golden opportunity for me as our Boss comes once in a year or two. Today I realise how irresponsible I was and I will not get the 2nd chance as the clients were not impressed with my presentation. My promotion postponed and increment kept under hold. 


                                                                      My favourite Gillette Fusion!

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Shave off your worry & shape up your DP to shine in style!

                                     Gillette Fusion

"Winning is like shaving - you do it every day or you wind up looking like a bum."  ……… Jack Kemp 

 Those who self-respect, used to shave off to start a bright and shinny new day everyday. I feel energetic to show off my god-gifted soft and stainless cheeks which inspire me to bring happiness on my ever-charming smile. Why I should leave my fate in the hand of destiny when I can make my fate my own? I will shave off regularly to make it my own signature to the world to look alike a man with difference which later becomes my own identity to make my own fate my own. Yes, I started shaving when I stepped in college to impress my fiance who thinks I look handsome and much younger in my shaven face. The journey begins that day which later given me boon to impress my employers on interview table. I’ve realized that good impression does its job half done. It offers me full of confidence to face any challenge whoever or wherever I am. Whatever the situation is, the confidence that comes from impression from my clean and shaven look definitely works like a magic. I feel fresh and rejuvenising when there are no black spikes itching all over my cheek. Getting special attention to my boss also worked to be one of the special among my colleagues. Have you ever seen heart-throb of feminine 'Superman' with a black curly-bushy mustache and goatee beard? I didn't and I don’t want. All the heroes in celluloid or in books appear in shaven faces. Actually it offers the fresh appearance we want to see from them. Ladies like their soul-mates in shaven face. Either I am in my wedding sherwani or going abroad for business trip as a representative of my concern it has to look fresh with positive gesture which comes from my shaven face. I get charged as my confidence level goes high when I see I am rare one who managed it. Either I am going on a date to impress my girlfriend or offering my pray to the Goddess Durga on an Ashtami's Anjali, there are no exception to appear in a non-shaven face. I think if there is somehow a man want to show his activeness is his clean face and suitable dress code that's all.

                                           My Shaving Selfie!

The tradition to look smart started since the ancient civilisations when people shaved from unsafe materials after taking huge risk of injury which is now a history by the revolutionary invention of King C. Gillette in the earlier nineties. Now we are moving with that 'Fusion' that he started more than century ago. The soldiers of American troops during World War 1 were permitted to use it as they could reuse for several times. This successful Gillette's invention commercially benefited for them getting a huge contract to supply the American troops. It is one of the greatest invention of the last century. British brought it in our country later like a magic stick which can be self operated. Since then people made it their habit to look good either it's a battle-field or going on a party. Being a man I should thank to the inventor for making it possible to bring a safety razor that was not even possible to make in a day or two.The first self-grooming device for a man has completed many journeys to appear in today's light, easy, convenient and safest form. Gillette has been the pathfinder in this regard to make men smart and look good.The all new Gillette Fusion having a five-blade cartridge to ensure a single shave is enough. Also there is an additional single blade on the back side of the cartridge for trimming to show off different styles.

                                   King C. Gillette, inventor of safety razor. 

Safety and Instant shaving has dramatically changed our lifestyle as we can carry two or three tiny stuffs in a small travel kit in our office bag and shave off in office toilet within minutes. It doesn't really matter as you forgot to shave in a hurry to catch the train for late night party at yester-night. When I have a Gillette, I am a hero!


Thank you!

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