Monday, December 1, 2014

Groom your face to stay ahead of the race.

                               After Shave Selfie!

Yes, I have missed an opportunity to impress my Boss. It's a true story of my nightmare in my ten years of career. I neglected shaving on regular basis and for that I pay off that acted on my progressive career. I was able to manage my immediate boss but the superior boss is still fired on me. The incident happened when my superior boss came one day without any notice or preplan due to some reason. I attended that day without shaving my beard and mustache. I had no idea or could think in nightmare that Boss will come at our office that day. I was totally unprepared and was not carrying my grooming kit with me which I do now-a-days after this incident. I was working on my project and suddenly my boss arrived for surprise visit. All of my colleagues were shaven except me. I faced my Boss before his chair. I was totally feeling guilty because Boss was accompanied with some other clients and we were trying to impress our clients with our projects. But I was feeling guilty as I didn't shave last two or three days. Due to lack of confidence I couldn't given my best and my boss was fired on my. I know it's always important to be positive at attitude and confident those come from my appearance and grooming. I was trying my best but it was my unshaven face that spread water on the dream. The day still I can remember and one of my panic story. Later this incident affected on my promotion and incremental of my salary. I repent everyday thinking that if I was shaven the day then I had a chance to impress my clients as well as my boss. I missed an golden opportunity when I heard that Boss is not happy the way I represented the project and I was not well groomed. 

The incident might be just a small incident but was a golden opportunity for me as our Boss comes once in a year or two. Today I realise how irresponsible I was and I will not get the 2nd chance as the clients were not impressed with my presentation. My promotion postponed and increment kept under hold. 


                                                                      My favourite Gillette Fusion!

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