Sunday, July 27, 2014

World Is Beautiful Because Of Black Things!

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“It isn't a matter of black is beautiful as much as it is white is not all that's beautiful. ”  ― Bill Cosby

         Black is beautiful and the sign of durability. Black is the colour of magic that is why I love ‘Black Magic’ which lets us entertained as a viewer and a profession of art for a magicians. I love black more than any colours because it is different and makes other brighter. There are many things black I want in my life to make my life beautiful like black.

1) World’s most beautiful mobile iPhone 5S / iPad (Black).

I dream to have an black iPhone 5S and an iPad which will make my life awesome! As a gadget enthusiast and fan of Apple, every time I desire if I had a black iPhone or iPad from that I could do everything that no other phones dare to do. This black iPhone /iPad looks gorgeous and more precious and useful gadget than any other ornaments. The black iPhone doesn’t get dirty at all, looks always beautiful on any dresses or outfit. I find that the black iPhone’s display is more better and it just looks better than the white one and the white one gets more dirty than the black one. The back of the black iPhone 5S has a black coating which illuminates. The bright black aluminum really shines through when the black coating is scratched or scuffed. As per user experience of many, black iPhone 5S is much more attractive, durable and dirt-free non-maintenance gadget than the white one. This is the reason balck iPhone 5S is my desire. I am totally obsessed with black iPhone or iPad as a huge fan of legendary Steve Jobs. His revolutionary products made the threshold of many innovations. Now we can get any kind of App which can solve our life within a minute. Apple iPhone opens the new way in the App world to solve our problems in minute. We can now keep out our home from mosquitoes by a simple Mosquito defender app from Apple iStore, 3D maps to reach our destinations or detect our current locations, watch TV on the go, send message /picture/video in seconds all made our life easy and comfortable!

2) Black Jaguar Sedan.

As a mobiles and car enthusiast, I desire to own a black Jaguar car which arguably the most beautiful car maker of past and today. I am a fan of Jaguar and when Jaguar’s natural colour is black, I love the black Jaguar cars. Jaguar has created more incredibly beautiful car designs than anyone on the planet.  The Jaguar XFR - 0709 probably the most beautiful design ever for a production car.  It is a car so striking that it was included as a permanent part of the collection at New York’s Museum of Modern Art.  Almost without exception, every list of great and beautiful cars there is Jaguar’s impression. More texts and photographs have been written published to this car than any other in history in newspapers, magazines or blogs. I just love cars driving on highways and spend more time with it. I love outing on long drive to the beaches or forests. I used to go by bus or bikes. But I dream to go on my black Jaguar so that I can make my tour memorable every day. We know black colour is the most durable colour and direct sun light can’t harm the black car’s colour. When red or purple will go fade on sun lights after 2-3 years, the black Jaguar will remain same lusterfull. Also I can repair a dent or scratch with black colour myself which is not possible for any other colours. Black colour will not look dirty at ease.

3) Black Blazer and Trouser.

I desire to have a set of black blazer and trouser so that I can attend in any occasions, parties, and business meetings and go abroad in style. We all know that black blazers look more beautiful and it has some royal impression. Black is the colour of dignity and prestigious impression. I wish if I had such a black blazer. I used to go different places but putting on formal shirts and jeans. I lack a set of black blazer and trouser those could make my impression and personality higher than formal shirt. I cannot attend prestigious parties or invitations as guests for the lack of it. I know this is very expensive and I can’t afford from my salary. But my desire shall remain forever. Actually black coats are too much beautiful and durable as it doesn’t get dirty easily. I really confess that Black has magic.

4) A black chartered plane.

I dream to own a black chartered plane because I want to travel around the world with whole of my family on it. I can’t express how beautiful an unusual black plane will look actually. I think black looks pretty cool. In this case, maybe even s*xy enough. Everybody dreams to have an airplane and most of them are white but I always think differently that is why will choose a black airplane. I am sure it will be more attractive and killer looking on the white or sky blue skies.

5) BEATS BY DR.DRE Monster 900-00022-02 Studio Headset (Black).

I am a huge fan of Beats audio and I desire to have a black Beats by Dr.Dre Monster headphone because this is the gadget every music lovers dream to have. It is very precious and invention by Dr.Dre to make sound quality perfect. When I see Shakira / Priyanka / Britney like personalities are fan of this brand then I just dream to have it. It ensures best quality of sound and clarity. Every music lovers want this piece because this is an wonder of the world in term of quality of sounds and hardware-software.

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