Saturday, May 24, 2014

My Dream Smartphone Will Convert Conversation!

My dream smartphone feature will translate the conversation to the receiver whatever the language is to her default language. He just has to make default the local language  to which he / she will be comfortable to hear and the next call will come converting into local by default language. This dream feature will sure make it the most useful gadget ever. Most of the Indians do ever face this problem on phone. We dont know the local language of the receiver or caller. We Indian can write good english but in term of speaking we are vulnarable fluently. If any manufacturer or OS can provide a "Language Converter" tool for tele-conversation then the world will be more beautiful and a mobile will be the best personal assistant as well as friend, philisopher & guide for everybody sure. I have seen most people in rural area fear to make & receive a call due to the language problem. So its my dream feature what I want on my phone.

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