Saturday, May 24, 2014

Why Windows Phone is better than Android.

What gives Windows Phone OS an edge over Android and iOS?

Windows Phone OS has met standards by achieving everything that was expected of it and finally came with far more convenience from Android or iOS. It is armed with 500 new and exciting features, along with an improved social media interface. The Mango is Microsoft's ticket to gaining lost ground in the OS market. One of the most important features is its user friendliness. Using the Mango OS, one can easily navigate from app to app, by simply holding the back key down. The real battleground, although is the apps. While Google has an enriched platform equipped with all the Google goodies - Maps, docs and more, the Mango will have an added advantage with signature Microsoft apps such as QuickOffice. Except PowerPoint presentation we can view and edit documents, worksheet spreadsheet according to our convenience in my mobile. Its different from other OS as I have seen. With IE-9 it becomes much smarter than others as it can provide whole new exploration in the Internet with full content viewing whatever PDF, Doc, XLS or PPT. I think all these must give Win Ph OS an edge over Android and iOS and after collaboration with NOKIA which provides much more better hardware efficiency it becomes the best OS form mobile computing. 

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