Sunday, May 25, 2014

My Dream Mobile Feature!

My dream feature what I would like to have on my mobile phone is that my phone is capable of running on multi operating systems preferably Apple's iOS, Google's Android , Microsoft's Window's Mango, BlackBerry OS all simultaneously in one phone. I'm not loyal to one OS. I think each platform has its pros and cons, so my ideal OS would be a combination of several systems. I'd want the user interface of Windows Phone; the ease of use and app catalogue of iOS; the customization abilities of Android; and the multitasking capabilities of WebOS. It will be the revolutionary product of the century. I can easily switch from one OS to other pressing one os-changer key. It it become possible then we dont have to bear 4 smrtphones at a time wherever We go. Actually iOS has many attracting features which We cant ignore if having an Android phone. I personally have an Android phone but used to feel lack of iPhone's features.If my dream phone features of having multiple-OS compatibility then I will be the most happy in the world.

Thank You!

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