Monday, May 26, 2014

My Mom is My Role Model!

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#MyRoleModel is my mother. If there is only one person I'd love to be in my life, she must be none other than my mom. Because she hasn't only given birth me but also fulfilling her duty as a father as well. She is my friend, philosopher and of-course my guide. My father is paralyzed on bed and unable to earn our family income. My mother has fulfilled her duty more than any other mothers did being my father. She worked in a hand-loom cotton mill and worked till 10 pm everyday at our local cotton mill. I adore my mother who sacrifised her entire life for our education and food. She is very hardworking at the factory as I have seen whenever I went there for any reason. My father had no income but moreover mother had to earn money to buy medicine and medical expenses. I was also the worker since I was at class eight in that cotton mill and I was the regular worker till I completed my graduation. I joined a new company for the post of AutoCAD draftsman and took the full responsibility of my family. This is my lifestory and I cant find anyone else except my mother who is the God for me and my role model because I stood up on my own feet only for my mother. Everybody may be has their mom but my mom is different from them because my mom played both the roles of my mother as well as father. I couldn't be able to complete my secondary education unless I got my mom. We had no electricity till my graduation but there was my mom who used to enlighten our house. Now I work for a power generation company all that because of her. My a little glimpse of smile today is all because of her. I would also say she is a philanthropist as well because she only didn't care her offspring but also she was same famous in my friendhood. My friends used to gathered at my home on holidays so that they can taste my mom's hand made most delicious Ghugni-Parota. After many years when interact with my friends over telephone, they remind me of Ghugni Parota from different part of the world they are out due to their profession. She also taken care of my friends when they were ill with her herbal hand made medicine. 

I get inspiration and enthusiasm from my Mom everyday when I give up hope whatever I do. I only recite my mom and start a tough job with an extra effort and all the jobs are done. Actually my mom is my role model because she didn't give her hope up and stood up her own legs so that she can ensure our good food, dress and education. I and our family grateful to my mom and really lucky to have an ideal mom like her. She is my role model because I want to work harder like her forgetting all the obligations and obstacles so that one day my family can feel proud of me. I get inspiration to see my mom wakes up early 5 am in the morning and completing all the home works. I also now get up early in the morning so that I also can do something for my family and start cleaning and fetching water from the tube-well. I go to market for grocery and coming at home join the tuition so that I can keep my higher education and practice on where my friends all wake up at 9 am, I complete my 3 important tasks. My mom says, till the death we have to keep working. I am strictly following this oracle from my heart and soul. She also says, never underestimate your job. I have taken her words on my head. I don’t feel hesitated working any jobs. I clean my office furnitures, computer myself where I have a old-maid who is appointed to do this. But when I stare at her, I can’t tolerate her working at this age and I take up the task on my shoulder. She reminds me of my mother. I want to be like my mom who plays many role whatever at home or office. Accomplishing my own job there is a inner peace that I learned from my mom. She is my role model because I get great inspiration and enthusiasm from only my mom whose life and her contribution is an open book. My mom is my role model and I salute her for teaching me the meaning of a working life. 

Thank you Mom for being with me forever! I am grateful to you.

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