Saturday, May 24, 2014

NFC to bring revolution in mobile platform!

NFC will work in India?

Yes, I do believe that NFC technology will dominate a lot more in India. It creates a prominent feature of sharing, pairing and playing revolution in the mobile world. Who those doesn’t like to connect his/ her music device with wire, sure would like the NFC. All music systems are to bring NFC capability to add a great feature. We can share internet videos link through NFC. I like Tap & Play (Multiplayer) amongst all features included in NFC (Near Field Communication). We may have many options for transfering data, file or contents by infrared, bluetooth, WiFi, LAN but were could have never able to play by Multiplayer options. Tap & Play through NFC provides the unique feature to play Multiple player sitting aside nevertheless within a short range. I hope NFC will improve sooner to expand large distance. This unique feature was only available online in computer or iPhones. But when I saw this week's Cell Guru I came to know even we can play by multiplayer option. Now I can play with my friends sitting aside by virtue of NFC. Its a great invention. As the cellguru showed two players by their individual phones playing Tennis. Thats really awesome. I hope in future more multiplayer games and apps will come as the all new phones are incorporating this NFC in their smartphones. Recently BlackBerry Bold 9900 and Nokia 700 includes NFC and all upcoming smartphones. Now I am willing to buy a smartphone obviously featuring NFC as must. Just a single Tap and connected with other one to play and enjoy with full satisfaction.  

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