Saturday, May 24, 2014

We carry the world in our pocket!

We carry the world in our pocket. GPS is the smartphone feature I like the most.  GPS is a global positioning system which helps us to find directions using my latitude and longitude position on earth map. Positioning helps me to find out my current location, finding my friends through Latitude, the way I should follow to get direction of my destination whatever by car, on foot, by train, by ferry whatever giving me route points and what time it will take. Even I can avoid the road jam through Traffic Report. Positioning also helps me to find out nearby hotels, ATM, Bank, Petrol Pump, Airport, Bus stop, Hospital, shopping mall etc. I used to use GPS on road to get direction to new places to go. GPS helps me to know Weather conditon of present & upcoming days, to share my location through SNS, to Burrp, and TripAdvisor is really very helpful.  It is highly used feature in GPS, smartphones and cars in US and other developed countries where the population is low and you can’t find people to show you the way. We cant lost at all if we have a assisted GPS which works independently without SIM wherever in desert or midst of a sea. It will ever want GPS a must have feature in my smartphone.

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