Friday, May 30, 2014

My Mom My Role Model!

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#MyRoleModel My Role Model is my mother. I love my mother more than anyone in the world because she has been playing twin role as my mother and father both because my father is shifted in another state for his profession purpose. My mother goes to market for shopping grocery, makes our food and helped us by tuition at home till we reached class VIII. She still has been playing multiple role whatever we need. I haven't seen any other mother has such talent and potential to control a family by her own. I can feel how tough it is and she never made us feel lack of our father. Even she can not go to our relative's lest we stay starved. My mother is my universe as I can't think anything except her. She stayed till late night with us to help us to complete our assignments and home tasks. She protects us from any problems or obstacles we face everyday. We see our father a month in a year and understand obligations of my father as he works in another state. My mother is world's best mother and my role model because she manages to run our family with full of his efforts and extremely hard work. She wakes up very early in the morning when all my neighbors are sleeping. I can understand how tough it is to go bed at the dead of night and rise that much earlier. She prepares breakfast for me and goes to local market for grocery and vegetables. She dosn't sit for a while. I know shopping in the market under the sun is not a easy task bargaining with vendors and fish sellers. She successfully manages to run a whole family without any man guardian that is why she is my role model. I haven't seen any mother of my friend's circle or classmates who can manage to do all these. When it comes to pay electric bill, standing on the queue for ration collection or fetching water from local tubewell, she never takes rest. We may have read very rare personality like my mom in our books or in newspapers! My mom has been my friend, philosopher and guide. She may be less educated but managing a family is to be learnt from her for any man or woman. I am growing and realising every day the contribution she is keeping on us is truly like a fight / brave story of an Indian woman.

A role model is a personality whom we follow in our life just like my mom whom I follow to take responsibility of our family. She never takes rest and took full responsibility of our family on her shoulder for lack of my dad. She saves us from all kind of obstacles, natural disaster and serves as our family doctor. My mom knows everything in the world as when we get sick, she plays the rold of my doctor and helps to cure as soon as possible. She takes us to tours sometimes and don’t leave any stone unturned to make us amuses and amazed. We really don’t feel lack of our father. My mom plays the role of our guardian when my school needs our guardian for a discussion. My mom helps us to read and write like a teacher and we hear many bravery tales from her afte completion of reading and writing. I haven’t seen any women in the world who can operate and repair electric instruments like my mom. She repairs bulbs, repair old wires like a professional electrictrician. She never fears of those other women does. Her cooking style and recipes are best and appreciated in my area. Neighbours hire my mom when there is a program or something is to cook for special occasion. She has no exception in our area and people respects my mom for that. She runs a self help group with the help of an govt. NGO with collaboration of local BDO. My mom is here alos the boss and more than 20 women works for this SHG to become self dependent and earn momey to support their family. My mom also nourishes couple of hen and ducks for the SHG and really works hard to make this huge success. Just like my mom has born to work and help people. I really adore, respect and follow my mom’s activity and that is why she is my role model.


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