Monday, June 23, 2014

My Dad My Role Model!

I am writing about #MyRoleModel as a part of the activity by Gillette India in association 

 #MyRoleModel is my Dad. I am a fine artist and I got inspiration from my Dad since I got my sense. My dad taught me every little to big things of making a picture live. I am happy with my profession of fine art and commercial art and really thankful to my dad for showing me right way to choose my profession with satisfaction. I have learnt how to make unique colours and different shades mixing with two or multiple colours. I learnt how to hold a brush just like my dad taught me how to learn bycycle. Now I am also an art teacher and follow thoroughly my dad's teaching style just like I learnt. I have learnt money in profession is not the motivator but the satisfaction and freedom at work make us happy most at our work whatever we are doing. Today I am an artist because of my dad who shown the way to become a successful professional. I have arranged many exhibitions here and there and got many praise for my artwork. It has given me an opportunity to show my creativity to the world. He used to says how many money you are earning its not important but what are you doing for that our future will remember us that is more important. When I was a kid I tried my art on newly painted walls but my dad never blamed me. He bought expensive colour pallets and set of expensive colour boxes managing money after many sacrifise I know. I wasted colours too much but he never blamed for this. He says whatever you are thinking go for it on canvas, I tried to figure out my imagination on papers he taught me the way. 

I am grateful to my dad who sacrificed his sleepless nights on me to teach me to make an artist. Artists have their own world and they have an other sixth sence to recognize people and their minds just looking at their face. Dad taught me the way to read human face and their thinking. Face of every human being is unique and identically different from others like our finger prints. Dad taught me to figure out the differences to recognize an object from other duplicates. When I try to draw a portrait, what should be remembered is the differentiator. That is important. I think no professional teacher can teach me like my dad. Now I paint on computers or tablets but those basic things of drawing I still follow like golden rules of accounts. My all friends are successful at their professions or jobs but they lack the creativity which gives a man indentity. My dad taught me to go out of the cat-fight competition and to adopt a healthy competition for that one day my reward will sure come. Actually my dad was my ard competitor. My dad used to took me to a river shore to draw landscapes side by side with him. Our whole life is a learning even when I teach children, I should learn from them that my dad used to says. Dad never blamed me where my all friends got govt jobs or good corporate jobs but advised me to love my job till death and I will get reward one day for sure. Now I rule my office with my potential and creativity. My boss is really happy with my work. He used to ask where from I took my tuition and I proudly claim that world’s best teacher is my dad. I have learned preparing natural colours from leaves and orchids. I made colours from red mud and flowers. The natural colours provide an inner satisfaction when I try to do something new. 

I could never be an artist if my dad never taught me the creative job. He taught me making collage and butic painting. I take orders of designing dresses for occasions and programs. I also learned from my dad how to remember the colour codes and use of those colour to live a picture. Whoever else can teach me by hand like my dad? My dad got many prizes and doing cartoons for few small magazines. I also want to work with leading newspapers in Bengal like my dad. I am optimistic one day a golden opportunity will come to go beyone my present world. Here my dad is my inspiration and role model.

Thank you!

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