Sunday, August 31, 2014

Make My Home Dream Home!

'Every house where love abides
And friendship is a guest,
Is surely home, and home sweet home
For there the heart can rest.'

------ Henry Van Dyke

                                             My mobile painting.

I didn't behold the heaven 'n don't want ever
As my dear home has it all I everyday discover 
It's my world where I find my new destination
I got nourishment of my parent's affection
My every success and failure it counts
It witnessed my every ups and downs 
Here on the walls I practiced my drawing class
Later it given me a new identity in arts
I find my comfort-zone and relax rout
When come back after hardwork & work out 
It taught me to deal with the world
I breathe in peace and go wild
My first love is my home 
I find my safety-zone when it comes storm
It encouraged me when I cried
Given shelter to my newly married bride
It accompanied me in my dream
My first school is my home
I played with the walls when the world became short
I miss my home sweet home when I am out!

My home is my heaven where I feel happy, safe and secure like no other places. It’s my most familiar world where I love to breathe, sleep, stay awake sleepless nights, celebrate our beautiful moments. I come back first at home when I feel unsafe rest of the world. My home is my dreamland. It’s my identity to the world just the way I will arrange and decorate my home. My decor expresses my choice, my taste and my character. Home is the one place in this entire world where my heart feels joy and happiness.  It is the place where I laugh louder as nobody to stop me, cry in scream to forget our sorrow. Even when it's scorching heat or cold out there, we feel comfortable only at our home without putting on summer/winter-wear.  Home is the place where expressions of tenderness flush out without any sensation of awkwardness & without any dread of ridicule. Home decor appliances play the very important role for interior decoration which makes our home a temple of our soul. The place where we want to lost ourselves. It’s all in our hand to turn a house into a home for full of our mental satisfaction and identity. I love Ethnic Rajasthani style of home decors those offer peace of mind guaranteed. Here I have chosen my favourite three ethnic Rajasthani stylish  decor to make the house into a dream home.

Ethnic Indian decors always put me ahead of other styles because I find something artistical flavour and taste of viewing peace in each of them. They are made, painted and cared with hands that's why those have equal amount of affection either to the creators or owners. Each of them are unique and special to me. The creators are not man made machines.....they are artists made of blood and flesh! There is flavour of Indian art and culture those attract me. Beautiful Ethnics offer the freedom who wishes to be unique and wants to create a personalized environment. With a touch of ethnic flare every home becomes a dream home. It has a blend of tradition and modern sophistication which are created by fine artists with elaborate hand work and full of creativity. Traditional Indian home decor and handicraft art pieces are made from God gifted hands that's why ethnic style is always my favourite and shall be forever.

                      My mobile painting.

1) Aapno Rajasthan Flower Vase with Gold Leaf Work.

I always love hand crafted ethnic showpieces to give an identity my dream home which suits my character most. It has been the tradition from the royal memories and shall be the sign of aristocracy forever for it's inherent charm in form. It defines our home a whole new sophisticated look. It makes a drawing room classy, bedroom a touch of inner peace. It never becomes old as it's art and originality pour a peaceful essence over the every corner of the home. A classic showpieces in a modern form factor easily catches the attention of the viewers. The handicrafts leave an unforgettable impression specially for artistically minded people and it comes as a welcome addition to my home. It's always considered as a beautiful token of appreciation from the visitors for that they don't need to be an artistical fellow. Also the best to make anyone happy as the gifting item. Terracotta, Brass, White Marble, Wood or Clay they make our home heaven just like hand crafted pure white Rajasthani marble vase. Different colours of art works on the white marble is sure to catch anyone's eye. This beautiful vase is the  perfect gift for any occasion and is the distinguished piece of art to enhance the beauty of our interiors. It sure lights up when the home is dark and the essence of art always keeps to light up the home like no other decors. Ethnic look has some magic to attract anyone just like love at first sight!

Product Code: MMH000000021879
Brand: Aapno Rajasthan
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2) Aapno Rajasthan Handcrafted Terracota Lamp.

Ethnic Handcrafted Terracotta lamp difinately lights up my home even when it's off! Beautifully designed and painted terracotta is the new trend of home decor to bring the joy of handcraft art. Different colours of shades painted by hand offer it a different artistic look and feel. I always love handicraft decors those have the essence of originality. Painted using colorful and soothing colors, this lamp is must for our table decor to give my bedroom a new dimension. This lamp is sure to brighten up any room wherever we place it in bedroom, drawing room or in dining room. It just spreads it's happiness. The bright and vibrant colours of the lamp make the home colourful and has the unique taste of eco-friendly presentation. After all we can estimate and realise how carefully and artistically terracotta artists make it possible. It's not only a lighting lamp but also the sign of art and love for that every owner feels proud of it. Just like the miracle lamp of Aladdin. It spreads its love and presence silently. The lamp provides the table an unique look. I just love the way it lights up.

Product Code: MMH000000021375
Brand: Aapno Rajasthan
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3) Aapno Rajasthan Ganapati Kalash and Diya Wood and Clay Wall Decor.

As the handicraft showpieces always attract me, so I have chosen something spiritual artpiece concerned with lord Ganesha. I believe lord Ganesha brings peace, fortune and rescues from danger in our life so it will be very special as two in one by. This piece will sure give a new dimension to my home decor as beautifully painted on wood and clay to make it adorable. The art work of Ganesha, Kalash and a Diya will sure surprise who loves art work. It will bring good luck to my home. There is an auspicious Ganesh mantra "Om Ganeshai Namo" that will suit hanging outside the door or Pooja room. The colourful set of Ganesha, Kalash and Diya will make the viewer spiritually touched and will help to keep the room peaceful. The whole set will convey the perfect sign of devotion and keep the home atmosphere with good manner. This will sure help to keep the home peaceful and beautiful simultaneously. It will suit best for Indian traditional culture of decor with contemporary look. Something spiritual will sure help to spread the essence of healthy atmosphere, believes and good impression to make a good relation! It's my lucky charm and will place it on the wall of my drawing room or over the door.

Product Code: MMH000000021754
Brand: Aapno Rajasthan
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