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It's Quikr! Witnessing A Redefined Shopping Experience!

Quikr! - The Perfect Matchmaker of Buyers and Sellers Bridging The Gap Between. is paradise for shopper’s and seller’s, an open market to choose, check and buy after bargaining. It's got wide range of collection and service from an ordinary pen to luxurious car, flat etc. As a buyer I meet, bargain and buy my choice quicker and as a seller I feel 'No Fikar, Bech Quikr!'All in one stop solution from buyer to seller. I didn't even know that one of my neighbor is willing to sell his unopened unused 'Futura' Pressure Cooker at a jaw-dripping discounted price. That's the biggest advantage of Quikr that helps to bridge relation between potential buyers and sellers like no other shopping eCommerce ventures.

As a shopoholic and intending to save a few bucks, I need to wait for festive seasons to come and eCommerce sites will offer deals and discounts with condition applied like minimal purchase, under exchange, quickest check-out etc. But I can explore the entire my wishlist from this open market called Quikr without any service charge and condition applied! I will say that shopping and selling were never been so quikr, easy and convenient unlike us had Quikr! Anybody can be a seller with his product or bought out items not using right now. We can sell our old or new handmade household products, art pieces, sculpture, antique, series of rare collection, furniture subscribing details as an Individual or dealer all in one place. Sellers don’t need to set up a shop or production site as they can sell from their own home. I just need to register with email ID and mobile phone so that buyers can directly call me and buy. There is huge advantage of customization in the site according to our requirement, city, price range, . I can search in my local market selecting from popular cities, states or union territories. No matter if my city is not a big city as I can search from my district towns as well. Apart from English I can explore in different local languages i.e. Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi and Gujarati. I can sell or advertise anything using post free ad. I can search anything selecting category from Cars and Bikes, Mobiles and Tablets, Electronics and Appliances, Real Estate, Jobs, Homes and Lifestyle, Education and Learning, Services, Pets and Pet Care, Community and Events, Matrimonial, Entertainment. I can search with the keyword as well on the top of the site ‘search’ menu. Another add-on is ‘MSP’ which stands for Maximum Selling Price. So, now with this add-on feature sellers can sell their items in maximum selling price. It is possible with MSP Calculator which gives algorithm indication about resale prices of the items.

A Whole New Shopping Experience:

I have witnessed an innovative shopping experience from Quikr which lets me search whatever I want meeting and bargaining with the direct sellers as an Individual or dealer. In this Diwali I wanted to surprise my family members with minimal budget and I had no week long time to get them. I entered into Quikr watching an AD in TV. I had to shop three items to make happy my Mom, Dad and brother this Diwali. I went to different online mega stores but couldn’t find them. A TV commercial of few seconds has totally opened my eyes of quick, easy and convenient shopping experience. 

                                TV Commercials

With the budget in hand of Rs. 5000.00 as bonus received from my office due to Diwali, I had to make happy each one of my family. It was not easy to shop at my will in this high price market. I was totally confused and then the above commercial on TV opened my eyes. Quikr is the future of shopping to selling to services. Finally I installed this app in my Android mobile phone and registered with a few details to save the ads to go directly next time I open the app. Anyone can sell anything as there are huge market and for that seller doesn't require to have a trade license. I preferred to install the app for shopping on the go. The site and app is 95% advertisement free and very user friendly. I loved the easy and simple user interface. We have to keep in our mind that we can buy a brand new and used products here. We just need to select 'New' or 'Used' to customise my search.

                                          Here is how MSP works.

When I want to buy an used product, here I also have one more advantage of a new feature i.e. MSP which is the USP of the site. I really loved the concept of MSP. It means as an used product buyer I can get to know the maximum selling price by calculating from the add-on feature. The features shows different prices in Excellent/Good/Average conditions. I can also use it while selling something. This is what a different feature I really liked. With this cool feature both sellers and buyers are beneficial as unsure about what the reasonable price should be. The MSP works too in App. A must have app for all buyers and sellers.

                                Free Alert Submission Form

There is another cherry on the cake is the 'Free Alert' feature by which we can get free SMS alert to our mobile phones and Email of the same. I have to really confess that this is something new I love. Suppose I am looking for a Honda Amaze car and when the product will be available in Quikr, I will the instant free alert on my mobile and email. That's cool enough.

1) I bought an One year old branded 'Prestige Induction Cook-top' with box and document for just Rs. 1400.00 contacting with the seller over telephone within 20 Km from my home. So, I physically met the seller within half an hour riding my bike. This was really a different shopping experience when you contact with the seller and showing interest to meet to buy. I am overwhelmed with the hospitality he treated. After a few minutes of discussion, I checked the Induction cooker set physically and liked as it was an almost new and unused product. This Induction cooker became very useful for my Mom to prepare foods quickly and it did it's magic when gas supply is interrupted due to excessive power cut. I am delighted to grab this exciting deal at my locality. I paid cash and took it home with full of satisfaction. My mom is so happy as I gifted her post Diwali. She is now cooking new items everyday with it's automatic cut functions and touch panel those are very easy to use. Now Mom makes foods and delicious items quickly like never before.

1 year old rarely used Prestige Induction Cook-Top for Rs.1400.00

I am using the Prestige Induction Cook-Top bought for Rs. 1400 from Quikr!

2) I bought a beautiful Swiss wrist watch at a jaw dropping price. I love watches. A brand new, packed with original box OMAX's stylish analog watch with valid warranty card for extra 6 months for just Rs. 800.00.  I bought it from Howrah which is just adjacent to Kolkata as two big cities just divided by Hooghly river. When I didn't get in Kolkata then I changed the city to Howrah and found lots of stuffs. I have weakness in branded watches. So, I wanted to give my wrist a perfect style statement which is this cool Omax watch in stell body and dial. It comes with water resistance up to 50m. A perfect gift for anyone at any occasion and showing off style in festive season with jeans or kurta. I searched it in other eCommerce sites but all are showing Rs. 1665.00. I put it on personally to check whether it's working and fit in my wrist or not. It was matching perfect in my wrist. The texture inside the dial showing it classy and sophisticated. Finally I bought something for myself and happy enough. It is my 24x7 companion wherever I go with friends or in office or party comfortably. I am a gainer for this watch.

Omax Swiss Watch for Rs. 800.00

                                    I am with newly bought Omax Swiss watch for Rs. 800 Only!

3) I bought a Dual SIM Mobile Phone with huge 1500mAh mammoth battery for long lasting for just Rs.1000 only which is the best gift for my Dad before this Diwali to stay connected with family, people all the time, capture the vibrant colour of festival, celebrations, moments and different people and listen to music in leisure by inbuilt FM Radio and MP3 Player. My dad is happy with it's camera featue and keeps most interest in creative photography. So, I wanted to surprise him with a camera mobile so that he can do all we do from our mobile phones. I met the seller at his him and found that the tripod is scratch-free and working properly. I bought it without thinking twice because it's double the price expensive in the market. Thanks to Quikr for taking initiative to create an open market where buyers meet with sellers directly, bargain and make the deal complete with full of satisfaction. My dad was very happy to get this gift and took full advantage of smart telephony in this festive season.

Lava Dual SIM phone for Rs. 1000

I bought this Lava Dual SIM totally new and unused phone for Rs. 1000 from Quikr!

4) I bought a brand new pair of Puma Sports shoe for my brother so that he can keep practicing and exercising comfortably. He wants to be a sportsperson. So, I thought let's widen his smile and make happy giving away him a good quality running sports shoe from Puma so that he can practice at well. This particular item was almost impossible from any eCommerce mega stores unlike Quikr at this price! I just typed the keyword 'Puma' and found thousands of new and old sellers are out there to sell. I also took the opportunity to buy it putting on my won and one of my friend I was accompanied assured me that it's cool deal in fact. The shoe is totally unused and he wanted to sell for some personal reason for having few more same pairs in collection. I checked it properly and found it's totally unused. I didn't miss the opportunity to grab it at a handsome price. I also went to the local market in search of it but most of them were above 3-5K bucks. So, I made profit at least Rs. 2K. I had no idea that someone in my locality want to sell a brand new pair of sports shoe at an exciting price. Quicker helps us between buyers and sellers to amalgamate this gap. At the end of the day buyer and seller both are happy!

                                                    Brand new PUMA Shoe for Rs. 1800.00

I am with Puma Sports Shoe bought from Quikr! 

All In One Stop Solution Quikr!

Quikr is also easy and convenient to find out the perfect job or hire the right candidates from either sides. As a job seeker I can can advertise situation wanted providing my academic details and contact numbers so that employers can contact and employers too can advertise situation wanted providing requirement details. Quikr is the one stop solution for every possible needs including Matrimony as well. There is categories of Real Estate, Education, Service, Pets and Pets care, Service, Community and Events, Entertainment all in one place! A businessman can grow his business without setting up his shop as Quikr made it easy to direct sale to the customers. That's why they claim 'Quikr is the perfect match maker of buyers and sellers'. So I am also a seller from today to sell some of my unused and some used but completely new stuffs to gain with the next generation shopping craze.

Why wait? "Photo Khench, Quikr Pe Bech!"

Review Pros and Cons:
Pros: 1. Very user friendly and easy to navigate.
             2. Easy to post FREE Ad and also premium Ad hoisting with lowest price.
             3. Quickest search by City wise inquiry.
             4. I can also create free alert proving details of my requirements to get free SMS in my mobile.
             5. Form products to Matrimonial, Services, Jobs, Education & Learning all in one place!
             6. Sending Reply is easy, quick and Free!

Cons: 1. Nothing found yet!

My Ratings for Quikr!: 10/10

                                                      I am with all the items bought from Quickr!

Watch Quikr's TV Commercial

Screenshot of the Mobile's User Interface on my Android smartphone.

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