Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Rewarding Home Decor To The Next Level.

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Keeping interest in commercial art and home decor I have found various new ideas in this site. So, I'd love to share what I loved the articles and few my ideas here.

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My home is my heaven where I feel happy, safe and secure like no other places. It’s my most familiar world where I love to breathe, sleep, stay awake sleepless nights, celebrate our beautiful moments. I come back first at home when I feel unsafe rest of the world. My home is my dreamland. It’s my identity to the world just the way I will arrange and decorate my home. My decor expresses my choice, my taste and my character. Home is the one place in this entire world where my heart feels joy and happiness.  It is the place where I laugh louder as nobody to stop me, cry in scream to forget our sorrow. Even when it's scorching heat or cold out there, we feel comfortable only at our home without putting on summer/winter-wear. Home is the place where expressions of tenderness flush out without any sensation of awkwardness and without any dread of ridicule. Home decor appliances play the very important role for interior decoration which makes our home a temple of our soul. The place where we want to lost ourselves. It’s all in our hand to turn a house into a home for full of our mental satisfaction and identity. 

After reading thoroughly the above mentioned article I've realised that the different shade of colours reflect our personalities. I am touched reading 'Understanding how colour influences your lifestyle and mood will help with making appropriate choices' as it beautifully describes 'Why colour is an important design tool' and '4 ways colours reflect our personalities'. Home decor and colours of the walls make it different to give your home an identity. Different colours taste different look n feel and different personal style statement. Colours are important in our life as those pours colour in our black and white life.

1) Personality: We all have our different choice of colours as per our different language, religion and taste. Colours reflect our likes, dislikes, mind, nature, behaviour and many more things. We choose our home wall colours listening to our heart that will show my personal likes, my artistic knowledge, my creative mind and so on. I'd say colour of the walls reflect the colours of our mind.

2) Mood Altering:  We don't only stay at our home, we make it our personal identity. We frequently change colours of the walls because we want to change our moods with it accordingly. Just like we wear different colour of shirts with the occasion, we change it for refreshment from boredom. It doesn't only change the outer scenario also changes our mind, mood and lifestyle. From that we want to change our life.

3) Changing Perceptions:  Wall colour is the mirror of our mind. There can be different view for each of us but we finally come to a final decision to choose the right colour. I don't know it's superstition or not but it really changes the whole scenario. I've experienced such in my personal life too. Decor colours change our perceptions. Different shades express different perceptions to the world. It offers a refreshment in our bored lifestyle.

4) Unifying Element: Colour defines our character that's why we may have different favourite colours. As red defines energy, action, desire, passion, white defines peace, innocence, purity, unity, green defines growth, hope all that every colour code conveys it's own message. It's the colour which is responsible for making the world so beautiful. As London is called the white city, Jaipur the pink city, Jodhpur the blue city....we want to unify our world from our home. Without colour means it's a colourless life.

Changing colour whatever it's our shirt or home wall it definately changes our world. Home decor or furniture includes as the most important part in our life. It has it's magic that we all have to agree to change the old scenario to the next level. We should change the colours of our interior designs including furniture and fixtures to change our mind. Now it's trend of different shades on different walls that really making our houses or rooms more attractive and energetic. I have got very useful ideas and tips on colour psychology for different elements to redefine it like never before.

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