Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Crossword Puzzle & It's Funny Story

We waste few hours of all our leisure time watching television, mobile gaming, playing cards etc. The average people have their different hobbies. Everybody has their fundamental right to spend the way they like to. Here is another exciting time-pass activity exists since Arthur Wynne published on 21st Dec, 1913 in 'New York World' a daily newspaper which excitingly polishes our vocabulary, general knowledge and power to solve baffle called 'Crossword Puzzle'. 

Screen Resolution: Without good screen resolution even the large display, best phone can be dull and  the good feeling can be affected. The high resolution implements several advantages and benefits for high res games, video compitability. Understanding these will help as us optimize our app, gaming and maping with more accuracy. Each pixel is a sample of an original image; more samples typically provide more accurate representations of the original. Here also GPU needs to improve for 3D like experience. High Resolution differs the quality of the screen. It does matter for smart viewing experience. Its really  important matter. 
Screen Size: The second thing I would consider is the “Size of Screen” because it is the output of a smartphone feature.  These days our mobile phones are becoming bigger and bigger, mainly thanks to large, touchscreen displays for its multiple usages and facilities. Many of the latest smartphones now come with displays 4+ inch that can be used for several purpose. We dont need a laptop or Tablet now as my large display phone does it all. On a larger screen we can arrange our apps shortcut or Live widgets accordingly. 

Touch Response: Smartphone should have response really good and awesome so that we can bring out of our pocket pridely. Touchscreens has to be instantly responsive for easy accurate operation with the apps or games. High-Performance Touch is needed to improve the navigation through the web or applications. That is a mjor issue indeed. For a smartphone apparently size does indeed matter, as with most things, the bigger is the better. But there should be a limit about the size of smartphone screen with maximum 5 inch. Most of the smartphone users like me would opt to go with a smartphone that has a 4-inch to 4.5-inch diagonal display. The Android faithful of all genders tend to opt for larger display devices and whilst women prefer smaller screens. I will ever opt for a larger screen device and would also like the device to be somewhat lighter when choosing a new smartphone. Resolution is liable for better display. So, better resolution means always better view. An image resolution refers to how much detail an image can hold. It is controlled by the number of pixels and bit depth of each pixel that your screen uses to produce a photo. A pixel is the smallest element of an image and displays one colour. The more pixels there are, the sharper the image is, and consequently the larger it can be shown. Touch driver is to handle the touchscreen by presses and vibration. It simply made our device vibrate when you touch the screen. It is often better to be the screen with soft touch response and quick reply for easy to operate.

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