Sunday, August 23, 2015

My Energetic Colgate Max Fresh Move.

  Dance is the outer expression of joy and happiness. I was never been a dancer but when I switched to Colgate Max Fresh from the ordinary toothpaste available in the market, I am unstoppable. Seriously the gel gives me freshness and energy to dance in joy. Due to late night bed goer and early waking up in the morning for attending office in due time my energy was totally at the bottom. I was loosing my energy to get up and instantly get fresh. Those were really a boring days until I got this pack of freshener. I start dancing at the bathroom after every brush either its leaving my bed or before going to bed after a long day of boring job of satisfying clients at office. 

  I got a new life with this pack! It's a pack of 'Tajgi Ka Dhamaka'. I feel much better after every brush as I really need it due to long meeting with clients, chatting with customers and boss to keep my freshness alive and confidence level up. It's what I start dancing at bathroom like a child and when I listen a song, I can't control myself. 

  Now I am enjoying my dancing and discovering new moves was hidden in me those were never could realise until I get this Colgate MaxFresh.

  Colgate MaxFresh is so refreshing to use in the morning or before bed after hard work of entire day. My mouth and teeth feel and look clean and fresh without any harsh side effects and my gums are not irritated with daily use thrice a day. The crystal pack looks pretty cool as well. I love the back of the tube allows us to see how much toothpaste is left in the tube so we don't become wasteful and that there is a flip cap so that we don't have to twist any caps or lose any for that matter. The toothpaste itself is a dark blue shade with tiny particles suspended in it that is supposed to freshen our breath and let me tell you it works. It is very strong, but I like it and it foams very well. It's sweet and tasty too. I switch around with other toothpastes and am currently experimenting and trying out more natural and organic toothpastes, but I always keep this near my bathroom sink and got a new life full of freshness. This doesn't come in expensive price at all. I would highly recommend MaxFresh to experience a whole new minty toothpastes. I love the Mint flavour! The crystal-clear purple gel with the tiny breath strip pieces is cute and alluring. It made my breath nice and fresh. My family tried this toothpaste after watching the advertisement on television which was very convincing by my favourite Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda. We found that it cleans our teeth beautifully and leaves our breath smelling incredibly fresh for long hours after use. It's a brilliant size and comes in a few different flavours. I would highly recommend this toothpaste! It has a beautiful fresh taste and foams up nicely, inexpensive to purchase and comes in a few different flavours to suit our needs. I am pretty happy and satisfied using and dancing with it though it's in bathroom or bedroom, it's recommendable. 

  I danced and enjoyed the challenge. I never new that I can dance this way. Actually after watching the TVC and a single brush, everybody will love dancing. 

  I use now this twice a day everyday, and it even freshens my breath after a big, garlic-y meal. So I'd definitely say, after testing out different brands, Colgate MaxFresh is the way to go. The cool mint flavor - it's one of my favorites!

I am dancing for #MaxFreshMove activity at BlogAdda. If you are not blogging, you can join me by participating in this #MaxFreshMove facebook activity.

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