Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Technology that keeps moving

Today's busy lifestyle and polluted environment are not only responsible for early baldness for men but also improper habit of food and lack of hair-care take the equal responsibility. Early age baldness is now a trend. Even despite any family background, we are being prone to baldness. In different scientific logic men face baldness where women have no instances. Within one or two years a man can face baldness as I have experienced in my personal life. So, it's not at all a negligible issue what can make epidemic within few years. We need to be more careful to care, groom and protect our hair before it's too late.

NFC will absolutely will work in India. It’s far more convenient that’s above board. We can pair with other NFC devices and can play multiplayer games, share video or songs or document files with tap and send. We can get wireless media or playing convenience through NFC. E-Commerce of NFC got really intelligent feature which touches me most. NFC expands e-Commerce opportunities, increases transaction speed and accuracy, while reducing staffing requirements. A personal Identical Number (PIN) is usually only requried for payments. An NFC device may make a payment like a credit card by touching a payment terminal at checkout or a vending machine when a PIN is entered. PayPal has started a commercial NFC service in the second half of 2011. Google Wallet is providing with Android app that stores virtual versions of your credit cards for use at checkout.  NFC of Ticketing is so much convenient, just Tap an NFC device to purchase rail, metro, airline, movie, concert, or event tickets by the PIN of NFC.  A NFC device can be utilised as a boarding pass, reducing check-in delays and staffing requirements.  Point of Sale is also an added service. It has SmartPoster tag to see information, listen to an audio clip, watch a video, or see a movie trailer. NFC tag on a retail display or SmartPoster may give the user a coupon for the product. Tour guide also great to have in NFC. Just Tap a passive NFC tag for information or an audio or video presentation at a museum, monument, or retail display. It’s a revolutionary invention indeed. Next generation smartphones are far more convenient as far as we imagine with the NFC. So, the future of NFC is too bright. I strongly believe NFC is the future of smartphones with more advanced technologies which we will see in future.  As the Cell Guru review introduces us the NFC (Near Field Communications), Tap to Play is really Game changer and won my heart.  Like others I am also going to buy an NFC capable device to experience the new invention. As a great devotee of Mobile games, I am really impressed to play multipleplayer games on it. Single player or game with mobile era is likely to extinct as the NFC featuring us to play multiple players sitting aside. The way Tennis players of the paired NFC mobiles showing it is too much mindblowing game. We will get more cricket game where I will bowl and the other hand will bat, Football and Action games will come soon. It will be great fun. Tap to Play interests me the most. I love Tap to Pair. The most interesting thing is a mobile phone can be used both as an information storage devices or an NFC reader. It can read information from NFC tags and can be used as a digital storage e.g. storing credit card information. It saves cost also. NFC is very fast and easy configuration and pairing. With NFC its just touch and go to run.

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