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Five Things To Must Follow For The Best Baby Skin Care. #SoftestForBabySkin

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Newborn baby skin is so sensitive that it can't adjust with the surrounding we live in. We need to take care of them with proper knowledge and guide. It has been seen that rashes are common during baby's first month due to lack of their comfortable dresses, weather, handling, toys, care and atmosphere. I think every baby needs care, love, sleep and play and that's why we should get info and learn how to keep our baby's skin smooth and healthy. A new born baby comes from a different world and needs to take some time of care to adjust with the completely new surrounding before it adapts the nature. We need to take care of the following 5 things for their best care.

1) Disposable Diapers: A premium care of disposable diaper like 'Pampers', is the topmost priority for their comfortness. It is hygienically important to take precaution because babies can't express their feelings, odds. It is not always 24x7 possible to keep eyes on them. So, we should to choose a proper hygienic and safe diaper that can take care of our babies. It offers unique Soft-grip Texture for a refreshing clean, wipes are hypoallergenic and have a refreshing scent. Reusable clothes can also lead to more frequent diaper rash where disposable has better absorbency, that keeps our baby's skin drier and less prone to irritation. Disposable diapers has absorbent gels, that can handle large amounts of fluid without becoming saturated, so that we can leave our baby in one longer without causing him as much discomfort. It draws liquid away from a child's skin, deep into the gel-containing layer of the diaper. This keeps our baby's skin drier longer and minimizes contact with urine and even some stool. It also offers breathable material that allows for air flow to the baby's skin.

2) Pure Cotton Fabrics: Our newly born baby's skins are too soft and sensitive to adapt. So we have to offer them nature's pure 100% cotton that can take care like no others. We should choose soft and airy fabrics so that air can pass through their bodies and surrounding. It should not be too much tight that causes rash, chemically colourful that harms their soft skin. After bath we need to make skin dry using cotton soft towels otherwise rashes can come due to longer wet skin. Pure cotton allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and our baby happy. 

3) Changing Weather: Due to pollution and frequent changing weather our baby's skin can be affected and damaged. We should cover them with the seasonal fabrics so that they can adapt with the weather accordingly. Changing weather plays an important role for baby care. We have to protect some serious sensitive areas like nose, eyes, chest, head from cold or scorching hot weather. We need to assure mosquito-free environment that causes rashes, serious dengue and some other bearer diseases.

4) Massage: Before and after a nice bath everybody suggests a relaxing massage with natural oil to bring happiness in baby skin that protects and its caring benefits their skin needs for a healthy development. Also to prevent skin from drying out, a good gentle and mild oil made from organic products helps soothe, soften and re-condition skin of our babies. For the sensitive skins like suffering from broken skin, eczema, rash etc should avoid using vegetable oils due to presence of fatty acid. We should use massage oil specially designed for babies from a reputed brand. A proper massage moisturizes our baby's entire body and face using moisturizing cream and body lotion after every bath that has no exception to help our baby skin softer and glowing.

5) Mother's Milk and then Baby-friendly Organic Food: We need to stick to the myth that mother's milk is 1000% best than any baby food till 1-6 months. We should pick up a nutritional supplement made from organic ingredients with minimal processing so that baby's health and skin can get enough food to smile and glow. It should supply daily requirement of fiber, free from toxic pesticides, fertilizers and other chemical residues. Proper supply of vitamin, protein and minerals are sure to help in softer and healthy skin of our baby.



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