Friday, March 11, 2016

Share the Load Initiative

A happy family is where we all family members live together with full of cooperation and understanding. We all have our clothes and those are required to clean regularly. When we can brush our teeth, clean our hair and shave our beard and mustache ourselves, then why we don't ever try laundry at home? We need to break the myth that the job of laundry is a woman’s job. With the growth of technology and inventions over the times, we are getting today much advanced detergent powders, soaps and liquids along with a powerful washing machine which does laundry itself with drying and ironing facilities as per specifications. The time has changed. Laundry is an easy and self-maintaining job now with these easy laundry tools. So, why should we leave it for others?

That's enough. Lets change the wheel of our lives. We can divide our jobs as an woman can cook well, we may soon be expert in laundry. Also we can surprise them using Ariel Matic Complete+ which requires less effort but offers bets result. I have started the initiative with my own clothes and I am sure with in few months I will be able to clean clothes of my entire family members. I am optimistic my ancestors will follow the same seeing I am helping my Mom and my wife. He will also pass on the habit to him next generation. I am enjoying my laundry and when I do it I can feel that how did they do it.

From now onward I recommend this to my friends, neighbors and colleagues to take the same initiative to change the story. Ariel Matic is my first choice when it comes to laundry to the next level. I'd like to thank Ariel and BlogAdda team for bringing up such a revolutionary step which will later save many many families from divorce and bring out more time to watch movie together. Because sharing loads will equally minimise the entire work load from one person to many. I believe this initiative will be very much effective in the long run.

I confess that I'm gonna stay a carefree life with the help of this product forever because I have taken laundry on my own shoulder and Ariel does its job half. No matter where my wife going for a week or a month. My family was using some other products but I was not happy with the results. Thanks to BlogAdda as I got the best as its a very strong and powerful detergent. I find it the best detergent I and my family had ever used. I always love wearing bright and vibrant colorful outfits but it is not easy to maintain or keep them that sort of. I used to wear white shirt at my office but it was my headache to keep it clean and stainless. Now I can clean them in no time whenever I want. I used to see the collar goes yellow after two days. It is a headache to put on a new dress on every next day. Now I have Ariel with just a spoon I'm away with those ugly spots. One can get away from any kind of spots with this.

I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.

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