Monday, November 30, 2015

5 things to pamper our baby to feel comfortable. #SoftestForBabySkin


Every parents want their babies to be happiest, safest, and healthiest. A new born baby is sure lights up our home, family and society. But we need to know the best way to accommodate our new born is the key to a happy transition. We don't want our baby to pull up a bulky beanbag, nosh on nachos with us entire night. We will need to put some hardwork into our child's feeding and sleeping routines. Our babies flourish on schedules. Even when we are traveling, we need to do our best to maintain the regular routine and schedule to keep our juniors in the best mood possible. I suggest following FIVE things for the best baby care for their soft and healthy skin.

1) Diaper Rash: We need to choose a quality product of diaper to get rid of rash due to adjustment with the environment. Where disposable diapers are easy to wear & change, light and dry with magic gel, avoids wetness, diaper rashes & promotes hygiene, comfortable pant style, that allows baby to move freely, causes no restriction of movements, uses soft elastic for perfect fit and promote sound sleep for the baby. It helps clean away bacteria. In this time fed bumps on our baby's bottom may mean diaper rash. It causes by many factors, including leaving urine or bowel movement on the skin.

2) Moisturizer Lotion: We should pickup the best moisturizer consulting with doctor for softer Baby Skin without experimenting at our will. Friends may advice to avoid but we should not let our baby's skin get dry. A quality International brand always helps us in this regard. Also when we can't afford it we can use mineral moisturizer or baby oil to result softer and glowing skin of our baby. During early days of coming winter, it is very much essential to adopt a prescribed baby oil to avoid dryness and cracks in softer skin.

3) Massage: Massage is the best to keep our baby's skin healthy and soft from in or out. Twice a day massage enhances the blood circulation for muscles development and good skin tone. We need to pick up a doctor's prescribed massage oil not being over confident that also can help our baby grow faster. This will not only strengthen baby’s body and soften its skin but will also strengthen your bond with new-born child. 

4) Gentle Bath: Our baby needs a gentle bath every other day or so to keep the skin clean and hygienic. Baby skins are too much sensitive. So, we need to skip the soap, and use a gentle made for baby cleanser to protect baby's sensitive skin. Regular bath and keeping it dry after bath can bring glow into skin. We also need to take care of semi warm water for this so that our baby can feel relax and comfortable.

5) Dry Bottom:
Most babies have the same problem from diaper rash in their lifetime. It can be caused by a new food, wet diaper or side-effect from medicines. Basically the red, chapped skin is painful to baby and and their parents as well. A dry bottom is the solution here. We have to make sure our child is completely dry after a diaper change or after bath. Changing disposable diapers more frequently and use eco-friendly hygienic products to soothe and calm the baby skin

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