Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I With my Ariel Matic Dared to Wash Bucket Challenge My Entire Family!

Who says laundry is only woman's job when I believe and proven we men can do better than women. I took the challenge and enjoyed the laundry of my formal and casual dresses. I used to rush in crowded train and bus and sometime need to walk miles under the scorching heat of the sun in summer as can't resist from being dirtier, smelly and stain. This one day experience has totally changed my thinking and the myth that we men can't do it....but I did, realised and proven that I can wash all my dresses of the week just in 1-2 hours which I usually take to complete a single game in my PSP. It has opened my eyes and brought my confidence when my wife threats me she will go 'Maike' for a week or month. Thanks God I had taken the wash bucket challenge which made me self-dependent. 

     The all new Ariel Matic best for front and top load washing machines.

I got a sample pack of strong and powerful laundry powder 'Ariel Matic' from BlogAdda that works effectively, helping my washing machine to squeeze out all the dirts and filthiness from my clothes like a magical powder. Like it's name Ariel Matic (Abbreviation of Automatic) removed the toughest stains without any effort by washing machines. This I couldn't believe unless I had taken the challenge. It removed stains and black lines from my shirt's collar & cuff areas surprisingly. I have a top-load washing machine at home and got to know Matic best used for both top-load and front-load washing machines which I liked in it. I learned only a washing machine is not enough to clean the dirt, the detergent which is recommended by the company should be effective. Just like Ariel is recommended by  'Whirlpool', 'LG' for the best results. It's innovates ahead of the game to bring me the perfect clean so that I can feel proud of my accomplishments. The perfect washing partner to feel proud of it. 

A-Real Magic of ARiel Matic:

This is a funny Wash Bucket Challenge I've ever witnessed with my family. Because I had to prove my power of sense and my strong existence in my family. But I don't think it's a bull fight competition / campaign by Ariel between two genders. Another question, will it really shrink the power of women at home? Absolutely not. It's a funny activity with technologically improved laundry powder that can help men to go ahead with washing clothes in this busy lifestyle with minimal effort and maximum satisfaction, not being panic from the word 'laundry' at all! As I witnessed, laundry has been made easy and convenient now. Finally a real magic from Ariel  Magic eye-witnessed. The powder smells well and doesn't make hands dry even using directly while handling. Its worth it as it's very effective for any sort of wash. It can be a little bit expensive but it's an incredible product for daily needs. From now onward I recommend this to readers, friends, neighbors and colleagues to take one time wash bucket challenge to believe the story. Ariel Matic is my first choice when it comes to laundry. I trust it to remove all kinds of stains and here as well Ariel doesn't break my trust as I always trust P&G products with closed eyes! The fragrance is very pleasant and looks good. Actually this product is too good when compared to other washing powders though it works great in washing machines. I really confess that I am gonna stay a carefree life with the help of this product forever. No matter where my wife going for a week or a month. My family was using some other products but I was not happy with the results. Thanks to BlogAdda as I got the best as its a very strong and powerful detergent. I find it the best detergent I and my family had ever used. I always love wearing bright and vibrant colourful outfits but it is not easy to maintain or keep them that sort of. I used to wear white shirt at my office but it was my headache to keep it clean and stainless. The collar goes yellow after two days. It is a headache to put on a new dress on every next day. Now I have Ariel with just a spoon I am away with those ugly spots. One can get away from any kind of spots with this. I know that it’s little bit expensive, but if we want to save our favorite clothing, I know I have to pay a little more. I also liked the fragrance too much, especially after washing effect.

I loved the campaign by Ariel where we men can share the load to make a better world helping women at their disabilities or absence. The #WashBucketChallenge taught me a lot fun, technique and understanding our home-makers better way we never had. This campaign also aims spreading and initiating a gender movement which touched me indeed. The myth “76% of Indian men feel that laundry is a woman’s job” gonna change as we men can do it without much effort if having a washing machine and a pack of Ariel Matic within half hour joining hand with family to share the load.

This challenge has broken the myth that laundry even in a washing machine is one of toughest job for men and nobody may ever dared in the most modern of homes. I enjoyed washing them and took couple of selfies doing the laundry while I pledged to #WashBucketChallenge. I've also nominate few of my friends to do the same and enjoy laundry.

When I got to know from BlogAdda about this challenge, I though let's take a challenge where I had no experience before. I registered and got the opportunity to take pledge. After receiving a free sample pack I was just waiting for the Sunday to come because due to tough schedule for year ending it was not to give time on weekdays. Finally the Sunday-funday has come as I wanted to hit a ton on the debut match. I brought out all the dirty dresses I and my family wore last week. Seriously I say those were huge and leaving bad odours. I cut off the pack and started something new like I am going to make a dish. I confess that my jeans, denim white and blue shirts, tees were not so much easy to wash by hand unless I boiled them in hot water for half day and then throw and pull them with washing combs. But this small pack but bigger useful Aeriel Matic made it much easy and labour-free. I usually don't want to waste my weekly holiday just doing such stuffs after tolerating emotional and mental torture by my boss. I want to relax Sundays just watching movie, playing cricket and doing gossip with friends which was not almost possible unless I got this bigger solution. I just spread a few quantity of Aeriel Matic on Top Load and switched on my washing machine and within playing one or two round of 'Temple Run' on my mobile the laundry is done. How easy it was! I found the clothes are washed carefully more than we wash in our hands. The stains and bad odours all gone. I was really surprised to see the result. The hashtag of the challenge is actually inspired by last year’s highly viral #IceBucketChallenge that took social media by storm and passing the challenge to a very familiar someone. I also felt the same feeling just like BlogAdda passed the challenge to me and I also passed the challenge to my family members and friends. Having take pledges and sharing my laundry-wala selfies on social media is like always a matter of pride and joy for me to share with friends and family.

By including men, Ariel India has truly given a complete platform for its #SharetheLoad message.

This post is part of the #WashBucketChallenge activity at BlogAdda.com in association with Ariel India.

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