Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The World Remade The Way I Wanted!

The world is not enough. Nope! It's not a Bond film's title. What I find is full of complications, obligations and manipulations. I want to remake the world where we people will have the right to choose our religion what we can accept from the bottom of our hearts. Where a kid shouldn't be recognised, defined and categorised by caste or religion as we should give them a chance to choose their religion their own. I've witnessed the world and it's people by their religion first. Accordingly we interact and react with them. That is what I want to 'remake' in my Utopia. It's possible in this world as we all love our religion most and can produce thousands of reason for each ones superiority over others. So, we will be required to remake our world.

I want to remake the world where there will be no world like religion and cast in my dictionary. Everybody will be equally important and be identified by their work. Equality by wealth and money can destroy the competition and the total economics which has some other reactions. Due to diversity in religion we have seen many nations to fight and break up each others. To make a state of peace we will be required to forget our man-made religion which acts on our human being. Do we really care to do unfair things or fear from our religion? I don't think so. Suppose I got an iPhone 6 by the side of the road and no one watched me to pocket it. For few hours I will forget that if I digest this luxurious and expensive phone which I dream to own, it would be a sin in my religion. Then why we need to be religious putting on bright-white kurta-pajama? Here to mention as per my experience, the illegal traders show their religious activities to decrease their sins. So, I want to remake a world of one religion where people of one place can realise, understand and interact with other places each others like we speak at our home. So the culture will be the same like USA, UK or Australia and no chaos created on a marriage between two different religious bride and groom.

In my remade world there will be no diversity in languages. All the people will speak in one language from east to west and south to north. The diversity in language is the reason against the brotherhood and creates many problems. There are roughly 6500 languages in the world and we can't find similarity between any two languages. Rabindranath Tagore created his immortal literature in Bengali what excluding Bengal no other state dwellers can understand and deprived of the immortal creations. If Rabindranath Tagore wrote all in English and we all people of the world were speaking & reading in English then we could be benefited from it's goodness, rest of the world deprived by Lata Mangeshkar's melodious voice. Most of the non-English speaker & readers are still can't read the text message received in their mobile phone. How a Bengali medium job-seeker face problems when they appear for an interview. Problem is everywhere. Sometime a housewife mingles up her bottle of milk with Phenyle or sometime an old man bends his body hearing 'Helo' in Bengali. So many languages create so many problems. In my remade world entire world will speak in one language.

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