Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Kids Experiencing a Magical Space Adventure with Colgate Storyteller Packs.

My family's all-in-one dental solution brand 'Colgate' comes with a very innovative campaign “Magical Space Adventure” with three different themed packs so that our little kids can cut them in their shape, play, learn and make stories with their imaginations. I'd like to thank Colgate for making useful the packs that we throw away after unpack in the dustbin. After getting all three packs from BlogAddda, I was very excited to show the first magic to my little boy Rishu (Age-4) what's inside! Its designed to help the child’s creativity and keep them engaged in a fun way. I given him all the packs and a blunt-sharp scissors under full of my surveillance to avoid minor injury while cutting the rounds. Sometime I've joined hand to cut it smooth so that the characters look live. It was fun cutting the characters and joining with the stands. It was easy enough as the borders were marked for easy cutting and joining. In fact he was excited to cut them with his creative mind and imagine different magical stories with every Colgate dental cream pack themes. Though the green alien was his most favourite, space rocket is also playing partner keeping it in his pocket wherever he goes.

As a parent, we should keep trying to engage our kids in activities that invoke their creativity which helps them use their imagination and enables them to create their own stories in their world. It motivates them and help to learn while fun and later a sharp mind. I am going to share three best stories he made and found creative genius mind in my child like never before.

Story No-1: Zero Gravity Space Walk.
Space is always an interesting subject we go beyond our curiosity and as far kids are concerned, they are more curious than us. As we have been telling them interesting facts and fairy-tales before they go to bed, they already started making stories with these funny space characters. The cutting of the Sun, red planet Mars, Saturn and its rings, a sparking comet, spaceship, rocket and the zero gravity space walk all in his mind. Rishu with his sister Soumya put on their winter-wears woolen jackets and my bike's helmet so that they look like Astronauts and boarded on the rocket. On their requested I switched off the lights of the room to recreate darkness of space and lit 5-6 candles in different places. And then keeping a big candle in front of the Colgate cuttings theme they started space walk, float and crawling. The room transformed into an universe with their stories. Rishu thrown his leg towards Soumya to catch and pull. Rishu pasted the Sun cutting on the big candle to look exact like the sun. They were acting like the real astronauts as our everyday lives involve such activities as sitting, walking, picking up things from the ground and lying in bed, none of these activities are possible in orbit. The story is they went to space to watch live Mars on which there are thousands of stories, movies made and researches are going on. They found other planets like Saturn with its rings, and the almighty Sun. After an hour they advised me to switch on the light to come back on earth. It was great fun to watch them.

Story No-2, Mystical Alien Planet.
Rishu liked the green alien cut too much as he shown it to everybody of my family. I saw him to play with it even having breakfast. Lets hear the story as he told me. He made a call from my mobile to Rustam (the name of the green alien) to play Holi with them in their planet. The alien Rustam never played Holi before and was very curious how its played. They invited Rishu and his sister Soumya to bring some organic colours as they don't like chemical products. Rishu arranged some water guns, balloons and a toy water-cannon so that he can play better Holi with the aliens. I helped them to bring some organic colours ans thats how they got ready to land in alien planet. After landing on that planet, Rishu played Holi with the aliens accompanied by his sister very well. They really enjoyed as both of them were also looking like aliens after the green and red colours were severely thrown over them. The situation was entirely out of the world. The aliens were enjoyed too much as it was their first ever Holi. They took several selfies with Rishu and Soumya and shared on their social networking sites. Also confirmed that they will celebrate Holie every year from the next year. They even painted spacecrafts in a new organic colours. They named it "Holien". 

Story No-3, Space Launch.
Adventure never goes off when it comes for space launches. Today's generation is far advanced than we were two decades ago. Rishu cut the rocket with lots of imagination and curiosity and kept it with him in his school-bag. Rishu & Soumya put on their rain-coats, shoes, my and my wife's helmets to launch for space. Rishu chose the rocket and spaceship by Soumya. They both sounded grrrr like the rocket launching sound. Rishu's scrapbook is full of aliens and space launchers. His another hobby is collecting rocket toys and his drawing rocket cuttings all shows his creativity. Soumya's love for spaceship surprised me. They both went to space to capture selfie with the Moon and other comets. They launched the Colgate rocket and returned back with the selfies. With the help of two LED lights under the rocket and spaceship and a torch they relived the whole space launch. It surprised me with their creative mind. This is how they experienced rocket launch.

   Rish us busy cutting and getting ready for the Space Adventure.

Watch the TVC of magical stories.

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