Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My first love Painting defines me!

Painting means a lot in my life that defines me from thousands. I love to relive my imaginations on paper or canvas that many may miss who can’t draw. Actually painters have the freedom to experiment even going beyond their imaginations. I witness and experience that when I am holding a pencil or brush. Alike writers a painter can think independently and enjoy the opportunity that money can’t provide. I have such self-satisfaction that empowers my zest which comes from my painting. When a cricketer plays with bat and ball, I play with my brushes and colours to give life my thinking. There is fun to show your creativity that a painter does. My life is awesome because I am a part of creative people who can think and work independently. I get my zest from my works that I have chosen myself because of my self-satisfaction. 

   My Painting!

I can see the world, objects differently and my eyes are always an ultra HD camera because even after one year I can live up on canvas what I have seen. My painting keeps me always positive and a proud people. Awards or appreciations zest up to work better but the self satisfaction works as the achievement of life. I am proud of my work that keeps me charged, my sporty madness with drawing tools and appreciations from people whom I don’t know met ever. A painter can die physically but his work lives forever. Actually I lost myself in painting forgetting what’s happening around the world. Even when I'm working as an accountant for my concern, I have learned how to focus on jobs and accomplish it perfectly so that can get appreciations. The mind of perfection woks here as well that I learned from my painting. Only painter’s can feel the feelings of a painter. I have faced many obstacles in my life but my perfection-mind and my self-dependence have rescued from them. Now I am the inspiration of many in my locality who can think and work independently at his job.

 I love paining on the go as the new generation smartphones giving us an ample opportunity to draw and share on the go!
This Kingfisher drawn on my mobile phone using a stick.
 Life is awesome when you get the opportunities that stands you out from others.....potentiality is a fortune that makes you different from others! I thank to God for giving me the opportunity to draw my imagination that defines my identity!

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